Reception Music
What are some good party/dance songs to play?

I have a few that I remember from when I would go to school dances but what are some of your favorites that you have to play?
I have C'mon and Ride the train.. Kinda corney but I think it would fun and get people pumped to dance. hahaha
timsgirl's Yellow wedding
 |  Niagara falls, ON, Canada  |  06/05/2008  | 
The chicken dance is a staple at weddings lol how about the time warp, celebration by kool and the gang. do a google search of fun wedding songs :)
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  08/31/2008  | 
yes the chicken dance. Yeah by Usher. The YMCA.. as a matter of fact... I got a YMCA hat kit with about 40 hats to pass out that represents all the Village People so we can all enjoy it a bit more. Also..... the macarena.... my family gets such a kick out of it.
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