Hi everybody I have been away for awhile... My husband had a stroke and we are trying to get life back in order. He is doing so much better now but for a few months I did not know what was going to be up with him. Between rehab and a few mini stokes...lets just say It was a very scary time.
Anyway, so of course I have been wanting a renewal of vows/anniversary party....since I went to the justice of the peace to get married... Well I was talking to Q about having a renewal of vows earlier, since like I told him I almost lost him and life is way to short to not do what you want to do... this crazy man had a nerve to say we have not been married long enough to have a vow renewal, or an anniversary party...OK didn't you just almost die.... would not that be reason enough to have a vow renewal...
So question is would you want to wait many more non promised years or would you just want to do something nice right now.... or at least in my time frame of the next 31 months...Please I need some input on this since I was a little taken aback.... I mean what in peoples eyes makes the best time to have a vow renewal??????
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Hello ladies, as you know I am already married, and we have friends who are already married... There lies the problem.... they are already married but are getting seperated!!!!! I mean these folks have been married for 16 years, 20 years, 12 years....WTF is going on!!!!! Some of these couples have been my inspiration for years...and now...I am just so shocked right now!!!!
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Oct 14, 2009

Hello all, finally back here on WBC! Missed you all but have been busy with LIFE!!!!
Now back to the best thing ever, Renewal of Vow planning!!!!!
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Yes this is my inspiration... Venting. I hope that the young lady that I am talking about reads this post. She most likely will to see if I will fail at my renew of vows planning. Yes thats how some ladies are because I am surely checking out her post every chance I can in fact when she writes something down it goes to my e-mail. Shallow, hey I have been called worse!!!!!!
I want to start by saying that ladies we are all grown. (remember I am the mother of 3 boys, a 17, 15, and a 10 year old) I can truly say that I have been through some things. Do not put a post down for all to see and someone gives a comment and you dont like what the comment says, you erase the comment and have something rude to say without keeping the comment for all to see. I would have kept the comment up even if I did not agree because it may not have been good advice for what you are going through but it could have helped someone else. The comment was not ugly, I was just letting you know that when you are in a relationship it is not just one person involved. I dont want any women to cater to her husband to the point that she does not please herself. Why would you want to go to school for 4 years extra after the 12 that you already have done, only to not get a JOB but to be a stay at home mommy-just because that is what your HUSBAND wants you to do. You already said that you wanted to land a great job, and make some decent money, before you have children, but then change it because your HUSBAND does not want you to work. I have been through that where my man friend wanted me to not work. So you have no job, no money. no say on where and what you are doing with money, and oh and no mind for your ownself. Then when you break up you have to start from the bottom of the barrel/ getting a diploma or GED, working at Micky D's, or cleaning some disgusting hotel room behind some nasty people. (No I am not knocking anyones job but I sure would not be trying to be a nurse if I did not have too, but that is all I know.)

Do not ever set your self up for failure. And always remember that everyone who gives advice may have been through some things.
Even though I dont agree on everything, I dont think that I know everything, and cant listen to all advice.
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Merry Christmas ladies, I hope this day turns out to be good for you. Sometimes we all go through things around this time that depresses us such as loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a break-up of boy/girl friends,(even though you still end up getting back together), and the ultimate downer---- no money to do all that you want to do.
But always remember that there is always someone out there who has it worse than you!!!! Sometimes I have to tell myself that when times get hard. Then I look around at other people who have lossed alot and may never get it back what that worked so hard to obtain. Then I realize that ALL the things that I take for granted everyday can easily be lost forever.

So ladies I have some advice for you that I want you to think about and go into full swing with it, it involves money. This can be for this year and many years beyond.

I want to tell you ladies that even though you are planning the wedding of your dreams always try to save a few dollars every month. I am going back to the old school way of things by opening and using a christmas fund. I personally can not have money that is at my disposal anytime I want, (I spend money like crazy), but once I open my x-mas fund and actually put some money in it, I know that I cant take that money out until the beginning of November. I did that a few years ago and had enough money for great gifts (x-box 360 elite (which by the way cost me a few hundred dollars), a computer with printer, clothing, video games and toys.) Plus we were able to enjoy a weekend away at a luxuarious hotel suite with the children in their own room. Oh yeah and still paid a few bills and had money left over in the bank. Lets just say my x-mas check was the bomb.(do people still use that word?) This year when I only got my check back for around $150 I thought I was going to cry, I was very disappointed in myself. My husband could not beleive that we did not have alot of money.... But it was no one else's fault but ours. We should have and could have did so much better than that.
But what is done is done and over with for this year.
I am claiming that next year will be different. I am claiming a great year and all the years beyond.

Try it this year ladies, most banks have a christmas fund account. Most let you start out with $10. Most let you start before the New Year is up, which is right around the corner. I guarentee that when you receive your check the end of October early November that you will be grinning from ear to ear. Then say that darn June actually told us something good!!!!! Then you can hit me a message because I will be here until at least 2012. LoL

Again MERRY CHRISTMAS. Happy planning!!!!
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Are there any other brides doing a vowal renewal. Most of the time I feel so lost. I love to read everyones wedding plans but.....I need more information on renewing vowals. Even if you know of another website I need to go on. I will still come back and keep reading your blogs because i think i am addicted to weddings by color.

No matter what Happy Planning!!!!
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I am from nj and i live here in nc for 11 years. My husband is a country boy from nc. We got married in feb 2008 and I am planning my renewal of vows ceremony. Well I am having a very difficult time figuring out where i want my ceremony. We never had a honeymoon being that we were in classes. I was wondering should I have a renewal of vows in jamacia or hawaii and have a well needed honeymoon at the same location, or just have my black tie affair here in nc or go to nj, and a seperate vacation/honeymoon.

I think it will be cheaper in the long run to have the renewal of vows and the honeymoon at the same location. I still dont want to do this until 2012 since we will be both graduating by then. Plus my son will be off in college by then.

So many decisions and the time is going to go by quickly.
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I am annoyed, aggervated and disgusted all in one. First I found out that I am still not going to be getting my financial aid for school. I already had a loan that I finally paid off now the school is saying I wont get my loan until I am off of probation. Who can afford anything else now. Second my best friend or at least I thought was my best friend said that she is sick and tired of hearing about my wedding planning and she said I was taking too much of her time away from her just talking about weddings. What a crappy attitude, first off when I told her Q and I would be doing a renewal of vows she was not all that happy. Ok is it a jelous thing that I should be worried about, She has been married, and is legally seperated. Should I be worried that she does not want to be involved?
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Yes this is the true meaning of getting ready early.(hey I am usually late for everything according to my husband).   I am already married so i am planning my renewal of vows.   My husband and I have been together for 11 years.  He asked me to marry him one year and a half after we first met.  I said yes of course.   THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME!   We grew apart (yes it does happen) Beleive me when I tell you he was not ready to be married.  The second time was a few years later I of course said yes but lets just say I made sure we had a long engagement.   When it came down to wedding planning I was the only one making plans, my then fiance was telling me to do whatever I wanted to do... That is annoying after awhile. SOME INPUT PLEASE.  Then he got sick so the two person income that we had was not there anymore. Then everyones thoughts of how OUR wedding was supposed to be started trickling in, It was so overwhelming we finally went to the justice of the peace, and got married the cheap and easy way. No that was not what I wanted but the pressure is like when you were in school and were being told things to do. Peer pressure is a ----------
Well my husband agreed to have the renewal of vows and honeymoon the way we planned to do in the first place.  So here I am.....LOL long story huh.  As you see I have a long way to go but it is for a few reasons:
1.We are attending college, hopefully to get better careers. But sometimes it seems that we are just there taking up space. 

2. I have 3 boys 17, 14, and 9  years old so we can not  just plan an extravagant wedding without thinking of them and the activities that they attend.

3. I want a great renewal of vows that has everything I have dreamt of since the first time I got engaged.  I dont beleive that just because you are having something nice that it should be the most expensive thing in the world.  Remember you still have to live life after the wedding. So that brings me up to........
4. I am challenging myself to have a black tie affair with a little twist of fun where everyone feels at home, plus have an honeymoon for under $15,000 I know it can be done.
Wish me luck!
I might be a little crazy after this is over but it will get done.
Happy Planning!
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