May 28, 2010

Hi girls,
I have been so busy I have not had time to post - and OMG I am at 49 days to go!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! : )

Well, My Amazing FH has been helping me with my DIYs OMG he has done such an amazing job.
He finished all the "Mint to bees" AND is finishing off the rest of the water bottles today! What a sweetheart!

I still have to go through and finish a few things with my decor for the ceremony -
Like my flower balls - I have like 3 more of them to complete then add ribbon to all of them.
I also have a TON of small flower balls I have to figure out what to do with! lol - If I have time I want to make some Manzanita trees for the front entrance. and thought I could hang the small flower balls off of them.
I have to make Some Pew bows to go one the opposite pews.
We also need to figure out our Guest book - well need to go buy it - I think we have finally decided on one we liked.
And we have to finish the ceremony programs,
Menus and seating charts.
Wrap our centerpieces with ribbon and our monogram. and build platforms for them.
AND wrap all of our favors - Which we have -they are Bamboo coasters.
Which my FH wants to put on the thank you tag for them " Rings are supposed to be on your fingers, not your tables" - LOL what a cheese ball!

And I have about a TON more things to do other than DIYS such as find bridesmaid gifts, Book our rental cars, pay for our hotel room, pay off the photographer and the DJ and make lists for both of them, and call our honeymoon resort to book activities, and figure out the master of ceremony speeches too... Dear Lord. I have a TON to do!

Well, My plan is to enlist my FH and bridesmaids to help with the projects. and get my FH to make up the DJ and photographers lists - or at least help me with them. But I feel pretty confident that I will get it all done... I am not going to stress out - I will only be excited! lol - or at least that’s what I am telling my self~ lol
I PROMISE to post my DIY's once I have a few minutes to take pictures!

OKAY well other than the great amount of wedding crap I need to get completed. (Which I Will I swear! lol)
My wedding shower is tomorrow and I am SOOOO excited!!! It my very First shower it's for my girlfriends and my side of the family! Oh I can't tell you how excited I am to see everyone and relax and have some serious fun! my MOH and friends have been teasing me for the past couple of weeks about it all and I can not wait to see what they have planned. PLUS all of my girlfriends are hanging out after and having a little US time, because it is hard to get together these days. SO I get a whole day with them!
The shower is going to be at my mom's house and she has been working so hard on her garden. (To say my mom has a green thumb is an understatement - her garden is AMAZING) WOW I am just so excited that there is a party and it is all for ME! : )
Well I really can't wait for it! I swear I will not be able to sleep tonight!
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tashasita's Purple wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
WOW girl - you are BUSY! :)

Sounds like everything is under control though and sooo awesome that the honey is helping! :)

LOL@ the coaster tag line!!

Have a BLAST at your shower!!
misstoni26's Blue wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Busy bee! Congrats on all your DIY projects, I know how hard it is to get them done! Enjoy your shower girl, you deserve it!!

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