Aug 6, 2009

I am planning on decorating my dance floor like this with tulle. My question is where is the cheapest place to buy aqua & how much do I need to get?? I'm also using some for the head table and backdrop so I'll need enough for that too.
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momo83's Black wedding
Livingston, NJ, USA
Check Party City, Walmart or Micheals! You may have to do some measurements first to get a better understanding of how much you need. Try this link or ( this may be exactly what you are looking for) Good Luck!
amcs76's Green wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Ebay would probably be your best bet, you can buy a whole bolt of tulle for about $22 USD.

Here's the ebay store I bought organza from for my wedding:
Ebay Tulle Link
chellie's Blue wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
Honestly, I'd call a local tent rental place and see if they would be willing to give you an estimated amount of tulle for your size of dance floor. You might also try giving a wedding planner a call; their secretary/them may be willing to just share with you.

Remember that 1 yard is almost the length of your arms spread out horizontally. You'll also want to make sure of your width. I'm not sure about the flowerfactory (listed below) but theirs may be best for bows, not draping.

As far as locations to buy, try these: (7.65 for a 25 yard bolt) (26.00 for a 40 yard bolt) (26.00 for a 40 yard bolt)

You may also want to try gossamer (it won't wrinkle if you take it off the bolt like tulle will): (57.89 for 50 yard roll)
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Pontiac, MI, USA
I bought mine at They have a ton of sizes and colors. I got 25 yards which is 75 feet in the 54" which is the widest to give it more a full affect.
's  wedding
Northridge, CA, USA
Having experience on wedding decorating, specifically drapping.  I would purchase at least 100 yds of organza.  I like working with organza, especially if you are willing to pay a little extra it has a sparkle and with the lights it creates a great look.  My mom and I have purchased rolls of organza from the local fabric district.  

Good Luck!
agirlinastory's Blue wedding
Regina, SK, Canada
This site seems to have good prices!
They don't have aqua for tulle but they have a light blue.
They also have good prices on organza.  I bought 2 bolts from there and was happy with the price/quality.

Also if you plan on buying from Michaels check online for coupons.  I can always find a 50% one item coupon!
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Brick, NJ, USA
I'm working on the same thing.  Walmart, Michael's, or Joann's are the only stores that carry fabric in my area.  I've look at Walmart, they sell tulle for $1.27 a yard.  I don't know about Michael's or Joann's but I do know you can find 50% off coupons for both anytime online.

I would ask the venue what the height of the ceiling is and the dimension of the dance floor. That way you'll have a better idea. & seem to have the best price so far.

I love the idea of organza - it does cost a bit more but does look amazing.  I haven't gone crazy pricing it yet so when I do I'll share the info with you.
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Rocklin, CA, USA

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