I have mentioned before that Steve is a huge fan of the Bronco's... I was looking through a Martha Stewart Weddings Mag and saw a Blue and Orange Wedding... I loved it!! However I'm Going to make the Orange to a peach Color...
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Wedding Collors
Wedding Flowers Bridesmaid
I plan on having Root beer floats and Orange Floats at my wedding... I also found these drinks.. Originally from Martha Stewart living.. I really like the Pomegranate drink... And the ginger sparkling cider.

"Make sure that your bar offerings include nonalcoholic variations on some old holiday favorites. Clockwise from top left: In this "Margarita," tangy pink grapefruit is complemented by sweet pomegranate and a sugar-frosted rim; the Apple-Ginger Sparkler is made from sparkling cider spiked with ginger and cinnamon; Spiced Steamed Milk takes the place of eggnog; the Cherry Bomb evokes the Shirley Temple that used to make you feel grown-up."
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Virgin Drinks
Rootbeer Float
I would like to have an evening ceremony. I want to deck are church out with candles. Probably around 7:30. The reception around 8:30. Then at the reception I would like to have a large dessert bar. Also a soda bar. We are not having Alcohol at our wedding. I will be 20 and it's just what works out best with both our families. So here are some of the ideas I have for the desert bar.. I will also have a cake to be served

Then veggie and fruit plates.. through out the night

Let me know what you think :D
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more desserts
nobake_mini_desserts cheesecakes
Strawberries for reception
Steve got this ring for me in Sept... It was marked down quite a bit and he got a military discount on top of it... I didn't want him to spend alot of money on this ring...

I love it!!! and it's the colors of my wedding :D
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Promise RIng
Steve is a HUGE Denver Bronco's Fan so this is PERFECT :D
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Oct 27, 2008

Very Pretty from David's Bridal
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Bridesmaid Dress
I mights use one or two or all of the centerpieces.. Very Elegant...
I really like the practicality of these favors.. The wedding poppers will be efficient and are biodegradable... Will also hopefully make for some cute pics.
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Center peice
wedding poppers
Dubois Country Club
Dubois Country Club 2
Hydrandgea and Rose petals for tables
Dubois Country Club 2
Dubois Country Club
wedding poppers
Cup Cake vs. Cake... Dad and FH really like the idea of a cake and I Guess they are rubbing off on me..

THese are my fav.

THe choc. one is for steve... He loves Strawberries
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Cupcake Cake
Groom Cake
Nother Pretty cake
Simple Cake
Best Cake