Wedding Flowers
Exactly: These are the dream centerpieces

We picked out the flowers last weekend. Very hefty price, still thinking about silk arrangements.

So expensive, sheesh!
daniellemary's Purple wedding
 |  Levittown, PA, USA  |  11/11/2011  | 
if you do a tall centerpiece, you can def get away with silk flowers! i was just at a wedding and i honestly thought the flowers were fake (the were real) but you would never know the difference! especially if the lights are dim! & people do silk flowers for bouquets all the time and they are beautiful!!! if silk flowers save some money...do it!
pbwithoutthej's Pink wedding
 |  Rocky mount, NC, USA  |  11/11/2011  | 
I love flowers but I'm also trying to save on them because they are pricey. Even though everyone wants their wedding day to be special, remember:  the wedding is just 1 day, flowers die, but marriage is for life.
live2sing's Blue wedding
 |  Goderich, ON, Canada  |  11/11/2011  | 
Before I started planning my own wedding I was totally against fake flowers, I thought they looked tacky, however now my opinion has changed! They actually have some really nice fake flowers out there, I even purchased some to create my own pomanders. Yes there are still the really cheap flowers that can ruin a centerpiece but if you research enough you can find some awesome ones!! So I think if cost is the issue then don't worry about the real flowers and go with the silk :)
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  11/12/2011  | 
yeah ni agree with the ladies, if the silk flowers look good and its easier for u then go for it!
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