Sep 1, 2008

At some point yesterday I decided I wanted to make matchbook mints. I found some online you can buy but didn't like how generic they all looked. I love making things so figured I'd just do them myself. My future hubby is a master on photoshop, so I found some general directions online regarding dimensions and told him what I wanted and where. After he got it exactly how I wanted (and I'll be the first to say I'm ridiculously anal when it comes to stuff like this) we took the file to a printing store down the street and had them printed on 8.5 x 11" cardstock (8 matchbook templates fit on one page). I've got about 60 done, 60 more to go, but just couldn't wait to post pics. I don't know why the green always turns out yellow looking on my camera, but I promise it's lime green. I got two cute silver metal trays that I'm going to put them on. I may have to go back and get one or two more though, it's starting to overflow! After everything the project cost me around $22 for 120 of them and the trays. Not too bad considering how cute I think they look! The only issue I'm having is trying to decide were to put them. I don't want to put them on the tables because I think it will clutter everything up, plus they are not the favors. Perhaps at the end of the buffet, or by the door so people can grab them as they leave? Have any other ideas?
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we are 'mint' to be!
I <3 them!
lifesaver mints inside
back view
on the pretty silver tray!
8 per sheet, not cut yet obviously
fashionistabarbie's Yellow wedding
Washington, DC, USA
O Gosh!!!! Those are sooooo cute! I printed out the directions a couple of weeks ago but have been way tooo busy doing everything else! I'm using Damask too!!! WHat kind of paper did you guys use! GO FH!! YEAH At least hes involved;) would you mind sharing how u did them? What program did u use?
victorias1911's Purple wedding
Warren, MI, USA
beautiful!! I ordered my matchbook mints from but i think I might make some stickers that either have our names/date or the cute "mint to be" saying on it.  Great idea :)
danibanani09's Green wedding
Gainesville, FL, USA
I found these instructions online:

but made a few adjustments. FH used photoshop and followed the horizontal and vertical guidelines they gave to a T. After printing a test page I wanted a couple of things changed, but I guess the dimensions given are good enough. I would definitely recommend printing a test page on regular paper before you do it on the cardstock. That way you can cut and fold up a mock one and make any changes before you print on your good paper. I had them printed on cardstock at a place similar to Kinkos. I can't tell you what weight the cardstock was because they only had one option. I would just say don't worry about using anything TOO heavy because it will make it very difficult to fold. You'll want something heavier than normal paper though otherwise they will be flimsy and cheap looking. At the printing store it was 99 cents/page, and we printed 15 pages (8 per page x 15 pages = 120 mints, you get the idea). Then you just cut them out, fold them in the right places and staple the mint inside. I used the edge of a credit card on the folds to make the creases really smooth. As I already mentioned I'm anal, so I bought black staples so they'd blend in better. I'm sure nobody else would care though lol.
shaybaby's Chocolate wedding
The pas, MB, Canada
hand them out after supper, or just have one on each plate for each person before supper, so its not cluttered and they will have something minty after they have eaten.

and i respect a person who pays attention to details! :0) im like that too. lol
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Great Job!!!
nay212's Black wedding
Hays, KS, USA
Could you email me the photoshop template for this?
Great job, awesome idea!!
's  wedding
Very nice!  They really look professional!
katiebabie's Black wedding
Edmonds, WA, USA
hi! I was just going to order these on etsy but i love these better! Is there anyway you could send me this template too!?

's  wedding
Mokena, IL, USA
I made these today.  Thank you so much for sharing.  They are soooo cute!
sunshine112109's Green wedding
Jonesboro, GA, USA
Could you please email me your template. I suck at photoshop and I love these little favors. My wedding colors are black, white, and lime green. I am also using a touch of damask. PLEASE, PLEASE, help a future bride out!
nrauch8191's Pink wedding
I was wondering if you would be willing to share your template.  I love the way they came out.  GREAT JOB!  If you would share, please email to  TIA
's  wedding
Fairfield, OH, USA
Holy cow I'm am so stinkin excited! lol I'm so corny. Anyways, my black/white/yellow wedding is on 9/19/09 and I'm stressin about all the little details... then i found your blog and we should so be friends cause we are on the exact page. lol
I hate to bother you cause I see everyone else has asked, but would you mind emailing me your damask "mint" to be template? I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks girly!
's  wedding
Lexington, KY, USA
I LOVE your damask matchbook mints! Would you mind sharing your template? Where did you find the damask design? Was it a template too? My email address is
's  wedding
aquantia Badger
Wilson, NC, USA
Hi I love your matchbooks . I would also like to know if you have a template. If so can you email it to me at
courtneykins's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Could you please please please send me your template for these? they are SOOOO cute!
( )
It would be such a big help to me!!! Thank you soooo so very much!
jbolejack's Black wedding
Gardner, KS, USA
This has to be the cutest idea!  Can you e-mail me the template as well?

This is AWESOME!
amysreb's Pink wedding
These are adorable!  If you still have the template...could you pls e-mail it to me at .  Thanks!
cdc080903's  wedding
Morgantown, WV, USA
Would you be willing to share your template?  If so my email is
's  wedding
West palm beach, FL, USA
can you please share this template with me....if possible
's  wedding
Sydney, 02, Australia
can you also email me please - I so love your idea.
's  wedding
Virginia beach, VA, USA
I love this print.  I need to alter the saying for a different event and need the green to be blue.  But, do you still have the template?

If so, it would be great.  I have a very limited budget and my daughter has a 'installation' reception for about 100 people.  EEEK!
believeinlove's Black wedding
I know I'm late but can you send me the template?
's  wedding
Sun prairie, WI, USA
Would you by chance have the template that I could use.  
If so email is:

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