Feb 27, 2011

Derek and I met over 6 years ago. We worked together at a retirement home in the dining room. I can by no means say it was love at first sight. Although I thought he was cute, his personality was a little hard for me to grasp. Derek has such a bold demeanor and definitely doesn't hold back when speaking his mind. So for the first few months of our acquaintance, I didn't like him at all lol.

Eventually, I started to understand him and broke through his rough exterior. As the months passed, I grew to really like him and that like grew into a deep love. About a year into our relationship, I knew that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Unfortunately, due to our financial situations, we went over 5 years before Derek was able to purchase a ring and propse to me. I must say, it was the happiest day of my life.

He proposed to me on September 13, 2010 on our vacation in Vegas. He had the suite decorated with rose petals and candles and placed the ring box in the center of a heart-shaped candle display.

Derek is not one for words, so his simple "I love you. Will you marry me?" was enough for me!

The ring is perfect for me and I catch myself staring at it all the time <3.

Now, let the wedding planning begin!
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theforeverkind's Pink wedding
Waterbury, CT, USA
Congratulations!! Beautiful ring! Welcome to WBC. I feel your pain-it took my boyfriend 8 YEARS!!....Worth the wait though :p
tfdbride2011's Red wedding
Tulsa, OK, USA
Yay!! Congrats!! I also completely understand.. Chris proposed on our 8 year anniversary... I wish I could say that is was financial but I honestly think it took him that long to be sure, not so much sure of me but sure that he could be a husband.  It was completely worth it... he is the love of my life!! Congrats again and WELCOME to the best thing to happen to your wedding ;)
danielleoq's Pink wedding
Thanks ladies! I'm super excited that the time has finally come! Looking forward to the whole wedding process <3
's  wedding
Tampa, FL, USA
Congratulations - but 6 years is nothing.  I had to wait 9 for the proposal & it was 11 years together by the time we got married.
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
Peoria, AZ, USA
Congrats! Your ring is beautiful!!!
danielleoq's Pink wedding
Short hills, NJ, USA
Thanks ladies!
I guess my 6 years don't compare to the time you guys waited lol.  I'm just glad it finally happened.

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