rustic table numbers
rustic table numbers

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Rustic Table Numbers, hum?

I just love this look for our table numbers! I found these a while ago and forgot where I found these, but I might incorporate these with our theme. Possibly in some gorgeous frames of a sort?
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  07/30/2011  | 
These are very rustic and pretty at the same time...Cute!
megandear's Purple wedding
 |  Chilliwack, BC, Canada  |  07/30/2011  | 
These are really nice, I've just starting looking for frames, I decided maybe I would go to the thrift stores and pick ones I like, not every table will have the same one.
Would your numbers need a 5x7 frame or more? I'm trying to figure out how big or little they should be
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  07/30/2011  | 
I love these! :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  07/30/2011  | 
Love your table numbers!
cbabb1's Black wedding
 |  Greeneville, TN, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
I love these! I picked  up cheap black metal frames at the Dollar Tree. Check my blog for a picture of them.
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
 |  Glendale, AZ, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
Great idea!
brittneyx's Pink wedding
 |  Welland, ON, Canada  |  07/31/2011  | 
these are really nice
's  wedding
please help 11/23/12
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/24/2012  | 
Please can someone please send me the lynk to down load for my wedding!
's  wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/24/2012  | 
Catherinenavas81@hotmail.com please send me the Rustic Table Number
darylluvstarah's Pink wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  01/26/2012  | 
I don't remember where I SAW these at? We ended up going to Partyshakers.com and got our custom made and designed by Rhonda. These were our first choice, but she made our perfectly. see my most recent blog dated 1/24/12.
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