Oct 26, 2009

Is there anyone here that would like to help me or can point me in the direction of someone who can? I need some pomander balls for my ceremony but i only need eight of them.
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3rdtimebride's Blue wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Im sure any florest worth there salt can do them,  but have you concidered DIY? in silk? very simple...

Get a styrafom ball 8 inches or larger,
 first hot glue the ribbon you want in place, have someone help by being a model for the lenght
 then useing the flowers you need, cut the stems 21/2 inches from the flower and push into the ball, untill its covered.
 You may have the first one trial and error but you will get the look your wanting pretty quick once you get the hang of it.
    Go to Afloral.com., they have how to videos, and great flowers, Im sure I saw this how to on there.
       good luck show us the results if you try they DIY version
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
Pineville, LA, USA
okay this is the 2nd time to leave this comment, My comp is acting DUMB! anyways, i did a pomander if you want to go on my blog its towards the bottom!! Maybe that'll help you get started.

3rdtimebride pretty much sumed it up! For the balls, It depends on how big you want them. I think i got a 5 in ball and it took 4 bunches of flowers from wal mart! It takes a lot of flowers. If i were to do it again i would do 4 in balls. But thats just me.. You could also go on youtube and check to see if they have directions on how to make them!! Hope this helps! Good Luck!! =]
deangela82's Pink wedding
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

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