Nov 26, 2008

Are you doing Thanksgiving with your family, his or something totally different?

My dad isn't here for Thanksgiving and my mom has to prepare a meal for about 20 people with just my cousin for help. My in-laws are also having their traditional Thanksgiving dinner and they are going on at the same time. My mom insists that she will be okay and for me to go to the in-laws but I feel like she needs me. She takes care of disabled people and has to prepare for them and their families who will be joining them. She will have to prepare the food and do the entertaining. I told DH that I was going to help her this year because my dad is out of town and my other family members are also going to be out of town and he got so upset, like I was deliberately trying not to go to his parents house. But how could I leave my mom in such a pickle like that? Anyhow, I am making 2 of every dish I'm bringing and will take a separate car to the in-laws drop off the dishes say "hello" and go help my mom, I think there is no question that that's where I should be.

Who are you spending Thanksgiving do you decide where to be if you only can do one? Ahhh, the joys of coupledom.
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elkratochwill's Red wedding
Saint paul, MN, USA
He's spending Thanksgiving with his family, and I'm spending it with mine. That's how we do every holiday. My parents live 200 miles from us, so visiting them is usually a several-day excursion. However, my FH works in retail, so his store is opening at 4:00 AM on Friday morning, so he wouldn't be able to come to my parents' house. But he wanted me to be able to see them. So we just do holidays apart. We have our own celebrations, just the two of us, either directly before or directly after the holidays.
bride2be82209's Pink wedding
Saint louis, MO, USA
Its really hard for us because our families are 3 hours apart. My family lives in Illinois and his here in MIssouri. But we went last weekend to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving (we had the turkey and everything) and then on Thanksgiving we'll be staying here and spending it with his family. For Christmas we're going to Illinois to spend it with my family and will just make individual trips to see his Grandparents and parents and drop off goodies. Last year we spend Christmas Day with his family and Thanksgiving with mine. I think we'll just end up switching it up like that each year
christyandaaron09's Black wedding
Baytown, TX, USA
we went to both, his family ate at 2 and my family ate at 6, so it worked out really well. We were still to full to eat dinner w/my family  though, but we did have desert!

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