Dec 9, 2008

I've almost got it, I've been working on it.

The base color will be truffle, including the table linens & BM dresses. And they will be accented with red & gold. Flower colors will include oranges and fuschias.....that's not so bad right?

Who could still change from here on out!
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srflowers2002's Orange wedding
Houston, TX, USA
These colors are so romantic. Red cherry blossoms would look beautiful also.  So pretty!!
heather080809's Chocolate wedding
Brantford, ON, Canada
Very nice!
I love the colours and all the pictures you've chosen!
so i have a dumb blonde question....i would love to make my own board but i dont know how! how did you do yours?
desertrain's Red wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
I did mine in Photoshop but for those that don't have Photoshop you can use or you can use the and go to their mosaic maker. I hope that helps!

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