Okay maybe big details. I've gone back and forth with what I've wanted for a cake and have realized that I needed a collabo of what I've been looking at to call my own.

We are having the cake shown with the glittery embellishment, 4 tier squared, with black ribbon around the top (or bottom, left it up to the cake lady to decided which looks better) and the flourish design of the second cake.

The bottom layer will be white with bavarian cream
Second layer will be red velvet with cream cheese
Third layer will be lemon with mango mousse
Top layer (take home) will be marble cake with Irish Cream White Chocolate Mouuse


I ordered the cake topper shown from Crafty Eddy and will hot fix crystals on it to bling it out.
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blinged out- our crystal embellishment will have a golden hue because our accents are gold.
This is the font used to craft our cake topper. It's raw unfinished in wood but we will decorate it with hotfix crystals.
An update: My inspiration has evolved!

As I started taking steps towards my previous inspiration, the things I started picking up for the wedding evolved into a vision I didn't realize I had. The sunset & champagne look was beautiful but because my groom loves his red, a lot of the items we decided on came in red.

The newest inspiration consists of:

Deep Red
Pops of green (in foliage)

And in this inspiration are mostly things we've already committed to. It's so nice to see my wedding coming together. It's not exactly as I envisioned, but I love it!
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The official inspiration
I went and booked my florist the other day. And from the certainty I found with the choices in flowers and colors I made, came my last and final motif choice for my wedding. I can't believe I have finally found my inspiration. Now I will allow everything to evolve from this one concept: Sunset & Champagne.
Everything will be in ivory, gold and champagne hues with accent colors of a summer sunset, reds, oranges, yellows, peaches. The feeling will be romantic and elegant with accents of diamonds and pearls. I'm so excited about this choice! I can finally see everything coming together now!

Ambience Inspiration:

Attire & Bridal Party Inspiration:

*Bride & Groom in Ivory
*Groomsmen & RB in Tan suits w/ champagne vests & ties
*Bridesmaids in champagne
*FG's in Red & Gold dresses (like shown)
*MOB/MOG in red
*linens in gold & champagnes w/ golden manzanita crystal tree centerpieces
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Glitter Text Generator

I can't believe that I'm at the 200 days left mark. I remember when we first started talking about it and I was on the knot and the countdown was at 400 something!

What I've done so far:
Booked Ceremony Venue
Booked Reception Venue
Booked Food & Alcohol Services
Booked DJ
Booked Cake (although design is still tentative)
Booked Photographer
Booked Photobooth
Booked Hair & MakeUp
Bought Dress
Sent out Save-The-Date's
Chosen Attendants & sent out "will you be my...." cards

Major things left to do:
Hire Florist (consultations this week)
Finalize color choice (why is this so hard for me?)
Choose Favors (candy buffet? + photobooth pics)
Choose BM's & GM's attire
Choose FG's & JBM's attire
Buy Veil & accessories
Buy 2nd dress for reception
Book Hotel for night before & night of
Room block hotel for guests
Book Transportation
Choose Invites
Graduate Nursing School (lol, I know NWR but it's on my to do list)

That's it on my list of major stuff....
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Red Wedding Countdown: 200 Days! Time is going by so fast!
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I've almost got it, I've been working on it.

The base color will be truffle, including the table linens & BM dresses. And they will be accented with red & gold. Flower colors will include oranges and fuschias.....that's not so bad right?

Who knows...it could still change from here on out!
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I'm starting to wonder if I should buy a second, lighter dress to wear at the end of my reception to dance in. After trying on my dress again, I'm starting to wonder if it's going to weigh me down (no pun intended). Are any of you doing a dress change and if so:
1) Are you changing into another bridal gown?
2) At what point do you plan on changing outfits?
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Second dress idea from DB
The sites I visit the most are
1) WBC (of course)
2) The Knot
3) Project Wedding
4) Style Me Pretty

Anyone else have favorites that absolutely must be shared? I am hoping there's a site that I have yet to see!
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Are you doing Thanksgiving with your family, his or something totally different?

My dad isn't here for Thanksgiving and my mom has to prepare a meal for about 20 people with just my cousin for help. My in-laws are also having their traditional Thanksgiving dinner and they are going on at the same time. My mom insists that she will be okay and for me to go to the in-laws but I feel like she needs me. She takes care of disabled people and has to prepare for them and their families who will be joining them. She will have to prepare the food and do the entertaining. I told DH that I was going to help her this year because my dad is out of town and my other family members are also going to be out of town and he got so upset, like I was deliberately trying not to go to his parents house. But how could I leave my mom in such a pickle like that? Anyhow, I am making 2 of every dish I'm bringing and will take a separate car to the in-laws drop off the dishes say "hello" and go help my mom, I think there is no question that that's where I should be.

Who are you spending Thanksgiving with....how do you decide where to be if you only can do one? Ahhh, the joys of coupledom.
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I want to hire a decorator but I don't know how to find one in Las Vegas. From my research it seems as if I can hire a full-blown coordinator/planner (which I really don't want) or a florist. Are these the "decorators"? Can my florist do the decorating considering they have things other than flowers? I just want someone who I can voice my ideas to and have them put turn the vision into reality because I'm really stuck. How did you find your "decorator"?
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I love this look, I would like a decorator that could help me get a look as stunning as this!