Well, my better half was not having the yellow. Absolutely, no way, no how. He wants red to be the main color. It's his favorite color, and it's my favorite color. Ray is from San Francisco and I think this may be the reason (trolleys? 49ers?). So, red is staying but I didn't want "red & ivory" and I wanted something original, something people aren't accustomed to. So I stumbled upon these ideas (that I've shown), and I think I'm going to do an "Exotic" theme. I will use red as the main color with a whole array of other accent colors. I think doing this will be as colorful as I always wanted my wedding to be and will be neat. I was thinking of having each table named after a different place in the world and the centerpiece reflecting something of that culture. For my candy buffet, having treats from around the world. Decor would be something like a Moroccan and or southeast Asian and or Asian. I think this is a great idea considering our cultural backgrounds, German, Irish, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish and the fact that I grew up in Canada, and He lived in Japan for many years, it's quite international. I ran this buy him last night and he thought it was a phenominal idea....so I'm brainstorming now. This actually seems like a great idea for us and one that matches my dress----ahhhh so freakin silly but yes, this is the main thing! However, I'm digging the originality of this theme...and I think the splashes of color will complement my garden venue so nicely! And a Moroccan-ish decor will look so nice with the big wrought iron chandeliers at the venue (which was something I was thinking would clash with yellow).
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This is an orange inspiration board but I love it and think the colors would work with red as well
bridal expo and kids 141
www.lightinthebox.com. That's the website. They are located in China and that makes me antsy. But the dresses are awesome and very affordable. They do not have color swatches to send out and I think it was on this site that I read someone's horror story about receiving one bridesmaid dress being the wrong color and having a hard time communicating with customer service.
Has anyone ordered from them and had a good experience?
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From red, black, and white to canary yellow, slate, green & champagne.
It will match my dress (that I'm so in love with and it's ivory) better. I don't think I'm willing to compromise adding ivory to red, black, and white--it's not the look I was going for. I'm also thinking, my wedding is in July in Las Vegas where it will probably be 110 degrees out so the color will work better that way. Perhaps the original theme was too winterish? And I think the green and citrus of it will compliment my garden reception venue. It's indoors--thank goodness we will need a/c, but in the middle of a garden.
How often have you changed your color scheme?
Do you guys think this would be a better fit. I do love the yellow color scheme almost as much as the red but I think that I feel better about it and I'm thinking of ideas left, right, and center. I couldn't even sleep last night I was so excited thinking about it and woke up so early because I was so excited thinking about it.
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I made this last night: my yellow, slate, champagne, and green inspiration board
I am having a panic attack and need advice fast before I pull out all my hair!
It's Ivory and I looove love love it in Ivory. And I bought it because it's THE ONE...and I should be shouting from the rooftops with J-O-Y! But I'm having a freakin' bridezilla moment. My colors are red, black, white, damask! Everyone's telling me that I'm overreacting and that its fine. The dress has this beautiful crinolin that splashes out of the front and that part is white. The embellishments on the dress are silver. My daughter said she wouldn't have had any idea it was ivory if I didn't tell her. To be honest, at first I thought it was white but then I read the tag and saw "Ivory" and all of a sudden it was very very very ivory. I'm so unbelievably worried that the Ivory will clash with my theme. I loooooove my dress, and I loooooooove my theme. What should I do! HELP! Is this allowed? How can I make this work?
I'm thinking I'll probably have to have my flower girl & bible bearer (girl) and my daughter wear Ivory now. Or can they still wear white because part of my dress is white? ARGHHH, somebody help before I lose my mind!

Update: I posted pics of me in the dress. Sorry, they were taken by my 9 year old...and our camera sucks.
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Red Wedding Dress BRIDEZILLA MOMENT: I fell in love with a dress but it's not white!
I love the idea of bubbles but my church doesn't want them and I still wanted to include them. I originally was going to get a bubble blower but I thought of having the guests blow the bubbles like I show in the last the picture.

These are just a preliminary "draft" if you will. I was just playing around and will probably tweak it a bit. The ribbons are velvet, I don't know why they look like burlap!

The label reads:

For the bride & grooms first dance
Blow these bubbles to add romance.
(I think I made that one up but if you are certain it's your original please inform me so I can credit you!)
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I don't really think it's in my budget to rent enough full table linens so I was thinking of using table runners. I saw the idea on Capsgurl's blog here on WBC, but I think she had square or rectangular tables. I will be having the regular 72" rounds that seat 8-10 guests. Will 10" wide, 100" long table runners be a decent length and width to embellish the tables? I was thinking of having black table cloths, white chair covers with black sashes and the damask runners with red rose petals and the crystal candle centerpieces I have shown.
I'm sorry I snatched people's pictures here and I don't remember where from so please let me know if its yours so I can credit you on here. The crystal-ish centerpieces are from my florist Petals in LV.
So does anyone have an idea whether or not this could work? Dimensionally & aesthetically?
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gorgeous! Credit goes to kohler from www.projectwedding.com
centerpieces only roses inside the vases/stands - credit to Petals Flower Shoppe
My family is very aware of the whole "father of the bride" paying aspect. However, traditionally, the grooms family pays for things as well. As we are putting down deposits and trying to make payments on vendors and other little things, my mom keeps pestering me about whether or not his family will help out financially if at all. My in-laws have a shotgun wedding to deal with right now (his younger sister is having a baby and getting married next week) and I don't want to mention anything until this is over. The one thing that did bother me though was that I've been asking his mom for a guest list for about a month now because I wanted to send out save-the-dates to their guests especially since our wedding will be on a holiday, and I haven't gotten a single name. I asked her this weekend about it and she said to forget the save-the-dates, she would just give them to immediate family (about 3 people locally) and by the time we had to send out invitations she would have the addresses. I was choked because I had spent money and time making these things and now half of them are going to waste. I asked her when she was available because I wanted to show her the reception site and she said, "just call me." So I don't know if this means that she is not interested, or thinking I'm silly for starting to plan so early?
So now I don't know what to do. I don't want our family's to clash, and I don't want my mom to spite them for not being involved with the wedding. How have you brought up the financial responsibilities among your future in-laws. How do you first break the ice?
How do you politely ask for money?
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What role will your children have in the wedding?

I have 2 kids and a step-daughter. My step-daughter will be our flower girl and my son will be our ring bearer. However, I wanted my oldest daughter who will be 10 to be something more than just a junior bridesmaid. Is there such a thing as a "Junior Maid of Honor"? if not, I think I will make that up. I do have 2 other junior bridesmaids and I will have them walk with the bridesmaids but I want my daughter to enter right before me, like a maid of honor would if there were no children in the wedding. Can I do this?
What role will your children have in the wedding? Is it okay to make up a role that doesn't exist? My daughter is so much more to me than a junior bridesmaid, and if she was older I would have made her my maid of honor.
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I was at Walmart yesterday and saw these. I took a pic with my phone really quickly (I didn't want people to think I was crazy). They are so cute, the top is velour with little flower embellishments and the damask on the skirt is flocked. They are so elegant and beautiful and cheap!!! If you have a Walmart in town go check it out!

I just had to share!
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Will you be wearing them on your wedding day?

I always wear colored contacts, so much that people think they are my real color. I want to wear them on my wedding day because they are so me, but I feel like I'm cheating the moment for some reason....

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