Jun 16, 2009

I've been starting to REALLY think about my girls dresses this week. I know that I have PLENTY of time and I’m glad that I do! When I had first pictured my girls I wanted them to wear black dresses with a pink sash. My mom, sister and I went to David’s a while back (first time trying on gowns) and had my sister try on a black dress with a pink sash. It was exactly what I had pictured in my mind for what I wanted my girls to look like on our wedding day. After looking at the pictures I was starting to think that I didn’t like how dramatic the pink sash looked across the black. I thought that it might be too much of a focal point and that’s all you looked at. So I just put that project aside for a little bit.

I then went up to MA to look at a bridal shop that had a few of my dresses that I wanted to try on. Our bridal consultant wanted to show us what a black dress would look like up against some of the dresses I was trying on and she brought up this beautiful Bill Levkoff dress that was black with a light silver sash. I LOVED IT! And so did my sister (MOH) and my mom!!! I thought that it was a softer transition on the body with the light silver rather then the bright pink.

So I think after all, that I want to have my girls wear black dresses still but with a light silver sash rather than pink. This way they can carry lots of different pink flowers in their bouquets and it won’t be so much going on.

The first couple pictures are of the Bill Levkoff dress, the long version, which is what we would get. The fourth picture is of the dress that our bridal consultant brought up to show us and it’s the short version with the light silver sash. This way, the groomsmen can wear a light silver vest to match. The last picture was my original inspiration, which I still love but I think I like where I’m going now better.

Any opinions???
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Bill Levkoff
Bill Levkoff
Bill Levkoff
Bill Silver and Black
Bmaid Dresses - original inspiration
mandolinb's Purple wedding
Mississauga, ON, Canada
I like the one with the silver sash better.  This way the pink flowers will stand out against it more, (as opposed to on a  pink background) and I agree that it's nicer with not as much of a contrast between the two.
suzannerenee's Red wedding
Newington, CT, USA
My sister (MOH) tried on that same dress! it was really flattering! I definitely like the idea of going with the silvers and using the flowers to add a POP of color. It'll be stunning!

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