Jan 28, 2009

I found these at Homegoods the other night. I had previously posted about some other baskets I had found but I was worried about their size. These are a lot smaller and will fit perfectly in the bathrooms on the counters. I'm really excited about them and even more excited that they only cost $3.99 each!

The only problem I have with them is that the wicker basket part is a very creamy off white and it doesn't go real well with the white and black damask fabric. SO, I plan on spray painting them black, I bought 2, to match the fabric and my theme a little more.

Had to share, I thought these were great!

Now I just need to start collecing things to go in them. I have time for that but here and there I just might pick things up so I'm not running around last minute.

They are a little deep so I thought I would also pick up some of that basket filler at the dollar store in a nice bright pink to put on the bottom so the item sit up higher and maybe add a ribbon around the outside...who knows, I have time to play :0)
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Bathroom Basket
Bathroom Basket
Bathroom Basket
black spray paint

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