Feb 20, 2009

I told my Fiance that I had my bridal shoot yesterday. He was like ok, let me see the pictures. I told him uhm, well I dont have them yet, because I don't but then I told him he isn't supposed to see me in my wedding dress before the wedding. I thought this was the way it was supposed to be. I didn't think the groom was supposed to see the bride in any way before the wedding day. Isn't this bad luck? I am really not sure if I should let him see the pictures or not. Should the groom be able to see the bridal pictures? I am about 3 weeks away from the wedding and I kinda don't want him to see me before hand.

Is it ok for my Fiance to see my Bridal Pictures?

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spring09bride's Chocolate wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
I am all about the suprise on the day of too. I think its what you are comfortable with.  I think it would be more exciting for him to have to wait at the end of the aisle and only imagine how beautiful you will be.  I think its part of the fun!
tiggre99's Red wedding
Fairfax, VA, USA
it truly is up to you.  personally, him not seeing me before the wedding is the one tradition i will keep. heck--i told him i pics of me in a dress---not the one that i bought and he didnt want to see them.  there are also people that see each other before the wedding because that is when they do their portraits....so it really is up to you.
misschas's Pink wedding
Lawton, OK, USA
Mine isn't even allowed to see my dress! It's staying at my dad's house! It's all about the bride though! It just depends on what you think and want!
sea212's Pink wedding
Wheaton, IL, USA
I say don't show him!  Let it be a surprise that day...
mrsceliamac's Red wedding
Miami, FL, USA
i dont think u should let him see the pics. my fiance doesnt even want to see me if i suggested it. he wants the first time he says me in "bridal get-up" when i am walking down the aisle. let your FH have the same surprise
jaysonsgirl's Pink wedding
Long beach, MS, USA
NOOOO! don't let him see. It's bad luck.

plus he will be extra excited the day of!!
divadan80's Blue wedding
Houston, TX, USA
thanks ladies,  

well the answer is going to be NO!  I am not going to let him see my pictures.........
vintagebabe's Green wedding
Saranac lake, NY, USA
it's all up to you. personally I let my husband see my dress hanging on the hanger.. but not me in it.. then a half hour before the wedding we got together for pictures and got to see eachother. but that was on the wedding day.. not before.. i say if you have kept it a surprise this long... keep keeping it a surprise.. maybe when you get the pictures.. zoom in really close on just your face.. tell him that's all he's getting lol.

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