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Where can I find Flowergirl Jewelry Sets?

As I am browing the internet looking for jewelry for my daughter. I see some places sell flowergirl jewelry sets, some sell the jewelry seperately. I am looking for things that are reasonably priced. Where can I find flowergirl jewelry sets for cheap?

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 |  Indiana, PA, USA  |  12/02/2008  | 
It's not necessarily a flowergirl jewelry set, however the bonton was selling Freshwater pearle sets... Necklace... Earings and  bracelet for 20 dollars
's  wedding
 |  Sterrett, AL, USA  |  12/02/2008  | 
I found my flower girls jewelry at the hair store for 2.99 they are pearls and came in differemt colors.
eponine923's Green wedding
 |  Lancaster, PA, USA  |  12/03/2008  | 
I am an avid TJ Maxx & Marshall's shopper & I see little girl sets there all the time for around $20.
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