Dec 28, 2008

I need a decorator for the wedding now. Expecially for the ceremony b.c the Hotel isnt going to decorate the ceremony part at all. I am looking on craigslist right now. I sent a couple of emails, I hope I can find someone resonable. I really feel like I dont need a lot of decorations, just the ceremony part of it, I dont have to have chair covers, but I do need to have something like an arch or something on the stage so it looks like the area where we are going to get married. I did a search on wedding decorators in Houston and I did find some places but, let's remember I am not paying alot for this. As for the reception, evertyhing will be decorated in white, I need someone to do table covers and chair sashes in Tiffany blue.

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ldanielle8809's Green wedding
Reserve, LA, USA
Visit this site: The decorator that I'm using has a sister in the texas area that does decorations, but I'm not sure exactly where she is located.  Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes.

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