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What are you using for postage?

Are you using stamps from the post office or are you getting customized stamps? My fiance' and I are trying to weigh out the price difference and wondering if we'll find any stamps at the post office that match our colors. We're sending out about 50 invites, which means we'll need 50 more stamps for the RSVP's, and I'm also sending out 50 save-the-date magnets.
angb13's Green wedding
 |  Port moody, BC, Canada  |  05/29/2010  | 
I don't know about in the states  but in Canada the only additional price for custom stamps is the shipping.... so I was ALL ABOUT the custom stamps!
maripoza's Orange wedding
 |  Burbank, CA, USA  |  05/29/2010  | 
We initially got a personalized order from zazzle.com and they were really beautiful...an orange rose with our names at the bottom. Once we used them all we didn't re order because they price adds up. So as we needed more postage we got the post office's wedding theme stamps and we didn't mind that they didn't match our colors.

It was a bit frustrating that we purchased really nice stamps for rsvp cards that never made it our way!
sallymarie81's Pink wedding
 |  Rego park, NY, USA  |  05/30/2010  | 
I would like to use a cute one to match my invites......but my job has one....no stamp is prettier than a free one right now!! lol
2dbride's Chocolate wedding
 |  Chevy chase, MD, USA  |  05/30/2010  | 
We had two sets of invitations, since we had the ceremony and luncheon in a different state and then an at-home reception.  The reception invitations just needed 44 cents in postage, so we used the 44 cent wedding ring stamp.  The ceremony and luncheon invitations were over an ounce and a little too thick to go through the mail sorting machines, so they required 81 cents in postage.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an 81-cent stamp.  Rather than put multiple stamps on each invitation, we got custom stamps from Stamps.com.
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