Jan 14, 2010

Introducing our precious baby girl...........Willow!!!!!

Willow is the little lady that I hang out with all day. :) She is 19 months old right now, and will be 25 months old when our wedding comes around. I can't wait to see her in her dress......

First off I want to say that none of the dresses that she tried on are what she'll be wearing for the wedding. We really just wanted her to try on different styles so we would see what they look like. She was such a good girl!!!!! She had so much fun trying on pretty dresses and twirling in front of the mirror! She was a perfect little model. I have to say that seeing her try on the ivory gown up on that pedestal was sort of heart-breaking, and made me realize that some day.....she will be a bride. *****Tissue please***** I thought I was going to lose it, but I needed to stay focused so I could take pictures.

This will give you a glimpse of what certain styles actually look like on a real moving, squirming, and bouncing little girl.

The red dress was awesome. Not exactly what we're looking for, but it fit her perfectly!

The white dress with black polka-dots was my FMIL's favorite, but it didn't strike me the same way. It was cute though. :)

The ivory gown was sooooo mini-bride! I loved it! I'm sticking with my dream and having a black wedding though. I just pictured it black because I KNOW Willow would look amazing in it!

The lavender (or lilac) dress was a AMAZINGLY adorable. It's one of those dresses with the petals in the bottom of the skirt! So freakin' cute! If I had gone with the purple and green wedding, it would be a huge contender!

Finally, the last dress is from the Eden Bridals website and is the exact dress, in black, that we want to order for her. When I saw it in the catalog at the bridal shop I KNEW it was the one!!!! The little shoes will be very comfy for her so she can play, play, PLAY until it's time for her to get her beauty sleep again!

So that's our little lady! She's going to be the true Belle of the Ball!!!!
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Willow in red dress
Willow in white and black polka-dot dress
Willow in ivory dress
Willow in lavender and white dress
The dress we're ordering for her!!!!
Detail on top portion of the dress that we're ordering
Her shoes will be dyed black
lagaylemarie's Black wedding
Encinitas, CA, USA
She is such a little cutey pie, whichever dress you put her in she is going to steal the show! So sweet
's  wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
She is beautiful.I could just eat her up and she looks like she loves the dresses you are blessed to have such a wonderful little Lady in you're life.
sarahdarling's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
she's so sweet! especially in all her dresses!
aamonett's Chocolate wedding
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
thanks for the comment!  Your flower girl is so cute!!  I was also looking back on previous posts, and saw your invitations.  I love them!  If you really wanna do Magnet Street, I know they do specials and things, and you can always find codes online.  A good place for codes is retailmenot.com.  Check into that and see if anything will work.  Also, those invitations look JUST fine, and you can totally spice them up!

I am planning on doing a florist.  I thought about doing my own, but with work and school, I don't have the time to devote to it being perfect.  And I'm not getting a lot done by the florist, so it won't be too out of budget.  I mean, it will only be the bouquets, nothing of the centerpieces, and the place where we are getting married stands alone!  Which is great.

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