classic allure pocket fold invite
"classic allure" pocket fold invite
"classice allure" flat rectangular invite
"classic allure" rsvp
"classic allure" save the date magnet
"wings" flat rectangular invite
"wings" rsvp
"wings" sate the date magnet
"victorian deco" flat rectangular invite
"victorian deco" rsvp
"victorian deco" save the date magnet
"vintage vines" invite
classic allure pocket fold inviteclassice allure flat rectangular inviteclassic allure rsvpclassic allure save the date magnetwings flat rectangular invitewings rsvpwings sate the date magnetvictorian deco flat rectangular invitevictorian deco rsvpvictorian deco save the date magnetvintage vines invite

Wedding Invitation
Loving these....

Now that we have postponed the wedding we have a bigger budget and more time to think about things. We were planning on making our own invites to cut down the cost, but we have some designs that we REALLY love. So now we are thinking aout just getting the ones we love! Plus, we have always wanted save the date magnets and now we can afford them too. :) So here's our favorites. We have plenty of time to decide which ones we like the best. We might even find some that we like even better. Only time will tell.....
jennandian2010's Black wedding
 |  Barksdale afb, LA, USA  |  04/06/2010  | 
Love these
Classic allure #1
and The last ones they are just stunning! Your going to have a beautiful wedding
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Our wedding invites from Partyshakers.com 1
First of all I have to give props up to Rhonda here at WBC! She is amazing and created our invit...
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