Oct 2, 2009

SO...I have NEVER in my life been through more BS trying to give other women a good deal...Just had ANOTHER person get to the point of payment/shipping..and back out....because shipping was like 5 bucks..SOOOOO The items I have listed are ALL for sale..I am willing to let stuff go for CHEAP..just make an offer...remmber ladies that shipping ups or even usps, is going to be 3-7 dollars..If nothing sells in the next week, or if noone has me hold it until X time..its going somwher else where I can actually make some money on it, and not deal with all this bullcrap. Im really not trying to sound hatefull, but GEEZE LOL!
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here is 150.00 dollars worth of diamond decor..selling in however little or big amounts you want, for a fraction of the cost....see below posts!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Isn't that annoying! I hate that too! Augggh!
lynnie11276's Blue wedding
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Sorry you are having problems, unfortunately I am a blue bride.
trombonechick's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
Feel your pain.  Shipping costs money, people!
mrscosta2b's Pink wedding
Fall river, MA, USA
chellie's Blue wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
I wish I needed pink! You have some beautiful things.
fierygurl's Green wedding
Kentville, NS, Canada
I'll take the cake server set!
I live in Canada, is that ok?

I've been having trouble getting people to ship to Canada.
I will tell them I will buy it. They will write back to me ok, give me your address, then when I tell them I'm in Canada and I need their paypal info, they never write me back.

futuremrswilson's Black wedding
Pineville, LA, USA
Hey! i'm sorry your having trouble with everything. I just emailed you about the pink confetti! =] Thx!!
jvc2250's Black wedding
Mexia, TX, USA
On Monday, I left a comment on one of your other posts saying that I wanted to buy all bouqets and pew cones, hot pink ribbon. I also would like a regular size bag of the pink diamond decor also and the pearl and rhinestone sprays. I never received a message back and after reading your posts since then, I went back and double checked and I still received nothing. I really do want to buy these items from you if you still have them available!

My email address is jvc_2250@yahoo.com. You can also reach me at jvc_2250@sbcglobal.net. Thanks again!

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