Aug 21, 2009

So below I poseted some wedding pics, but other than that i havnt really documented about i thought i would just post about how everything went..HERE GOES..


FOR THE GIRLS-I gave all the older girls beautifull black patent leather purse/tote bags/ and put there stuff inside. and they all got *hot pink terry cloth cover up
*black w/ pink feather flip flops
*a matching black makeup bag, with MAC pink lipstick, and lipgloss, calming lavender body spray, matching lavender body lotion, MAC pink nailpolish,
*a matching hot pink makeup bag filled ties,a black cotton headband for getting ready, hairspray, hair gel, razor,wrinkle reducing spray, anti cling spray, clear nailpolish,bobby pins, deodarant, bandaids,safety pins, mini sewing kit, earing backs, (cant think of the name lol) but a roller to get hair and stuff off clothes, and there were about 5 or 6 other essentials i cant remember what i put in there.
*I also got them all a hot pink box of assorted lindt chocolates
*and I paid for a MAC makeup artist to do everyones makeup

*Swarovski crystal chandelier earings, princess cut swarovski crystal tennis bracelt.
*A painting for her bathroom, paris themed, chandelier.

Bridesmaid #1-emerald cut swarovski crystal tennis bracelt, swarovski crystal emerald cut stud earings

Bridesmaid#2-round swarovski crystal bracelet,big s.crystal drop earings, and a solid round s.cryst. neckalce

Bridesmaid #3-a Kenneth cole pearl and round bead w/ pave diamonds all over it necklace, a matching 5 strand pearl and pave diamond bracelet

Bridesmaid #4-teardrop s.crystal earings, matching teardrop necklace,s.crystal bracelet.
*also got her a cute mug, that said there can only be one queen per day. with a crown (it fit her)

*Flower Girl and Bell Ringer-they got there hot pink w/ green trim totes with their names and decor on it that i made them (previous post)
filled with their tiara they wore in the wedding,coloring books,hello kitty bandaids, headband,hair ties,body spray,mini makeup, nail polish,
they each got a tiny pair of diamond studs and a pink pearl and round pave diamond braclet. i put candy , a cupcake shaped cookie, markers, cryons, and a bunch of stuff to keep them occupied.o yea and a little cupcake baking set, with a spoon, apron, hat, icing, sprinkles and cupcake batter.

*Ring Bearers-custom totes with there names, space ice cream, those shrimp things you put in water and they bunch of like various science experiment stuff, candy, and stuff to decorate the car we left it.

Best Man and Groomsman-Jeff got them these artisan crafted metal sculpter things...they had one representing what each's hobby is...ex, drums, golf, tennis, guitar...really cute and a HUUUGE beer mug with their name on iut
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Pink WEDDING UPDATE!!! Stuff I ended up getting everyone

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