Feb 8, 2010

I can't seem to get enough done. My love still hasn't found a job. I've gained weight instead of losing it. Every one else is also having money troubles and they will need to travel to our area for the wedding. I'm thinking of just getting married this year on the date of next years memorial weekend (saturday) maybe in Tahoe on the beach w/ just us or maybe a sibling or two and then doing a big wedding on 2011 on the same day. That way most of every one could be there. I didn't want to have to do this but, even if money did fall out of the sky now it's to late to order a dress for me and the girls.
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Purple  I guess I need to pick a new date
jennylynn00's Blue wedding
Saint john, NB, Canada
That's always tough.  How many girls do you have?  You may still be able to find dresses for your girls off the rack somewhere (especially if you want the same color, but different dresses) or sometimes Sears has some really cute dresses (depending on your shade of purple).

If you do decide to go with the vow renewal next year and have the big reception then that's a great idea too :)

Everything will work out for you in the end.  Either way you WILL be married to the love of your life :)
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Redding, CA, USA
To: jennylynn00    I'm suppose to have 5 girls. But, 1 of my sisters is being a selfish brat. She's saying if my other sister (My MOH) is in my wedding she won't be in it. Then that throws of the guys side. I have been looking at stores when I get a chance to actually get to stores(I live about an hour an half from a city). I'm hoping to find dresses at a reg. store for a better price than at a wedding store.
Thanx, for the supportive words. Dani

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