Jun 28, 2011

How do I send a message to a seller on Etsy?

I found the seller of the "Will you be my Bridesmaid cards" but, they are not currently for sale. I'am unable to send the seller a message.

Can someone PLEASE help me.

Thank you!
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glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
If you look to the right of the picture there should be one that says "contact" and just click on that. It would be last on the list.

Or you can click on shop and to the left there will be a column and click on "contact" there.

I'm just unsure as to what screen you're looking. If you still don't see "contact" post the link of the page you're looking at, and that would help.
futuremrslilley's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
Try this Etsy person (if it's different from what you have)

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