Wedding Cake
Simple yet funky!

I like the first cake on here but am still deciding exactly what I want. I want something not too over the top but that people will remember. Something that makes a statement but is not a overstatement.

Sounds confusing I know.

I like this one but will keep my eyes open if I see something I like more.

I added two more cakes just for fun. :-)
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calan11's Purple wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  12/23/2010  | 
i LOVE the first one! Like you said it is simple, yet still very pretty and unique.
njoneson's Pink wedding
 |  Fairfield, CA, USA  |  12/29/2010  | 
I like the third one but in lighter colors..the first is a very simple and elegant cake as well!
jacquieg's Pink wedding
 |  Leduc, AB, Canada  |  01/05/2011  | 
I adore the first cake.  That one embodies simple yet funky to me! The second cake is well.....a close second as well! lol
chadsgirl2011's Purple wedding
 |  Colorado springs, CO, USA  |  04/11/2011  | 
The first cake is one of the images I took to my baker! We're having white fondant covered in black lace piping with one large flower per tier.  I decided to go with a round cake though.
enchantedbride's Purple wedding
 |  Johannesburg, 06, South africa  |  04/12/2011  | 
That's fantastic @chadsgirl2011 . Please post pics of it later so we can see. :-)
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