Oct 24, 2008

ok all, I know lots of us B2B's are getting in shape for the big day, but what about our grooms??

My FH has lost 40lbs in like 3 months (started delivering for FedEx) & is now in full gear to get fit & firm. I'm really happy for him, although, I must admit I'm a little jealous that I see a pound here & a pound there & he can drop the weight so quickly! :-)

Anyone else's man doing this?
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elkratochwill's Red wedding
Saint paul, MN, USA
My FH is 5'11" and weighs 130 pounds, so he doesn't need to lose weight!

But when my parents were trying to lost weight together, my mom cut out bread, dairy, sweets....ya know, EVERYTHING, and lost about 10 pounds. My dad lost 20 pounds, and the only change he made in his diet was eating one king-sized Snickers bar per day instead of two! Men have it easier :-)
madyandeddie's Blue wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
yup!! same here.... my FH got a new job and he's lossing weight
very quickly too.  I'm a little jealous because I'm having a hard time lossing a pound lol!!
's  wedding
Raleigh, NC, USA
FH has been shedding lbs like no ones business since we started living together. When he lived at his mom's he'd snack all day long, then sit down and have a huge meal. I absolutely refuse to keep junk food in the house, or even waste money on it. So, all of his snacks are kept to a minimum or they're far more healthy than they used to be. I also refuse to make meals that are mostly meat & starch based (ie. beef & potatoes)- I can't stand starches, so almost everything has a side of veggies. He's dropped so much weight in the past year just because I have a relatively carb free lifestyle & with me being the cook of the house, he gets to eat the same way. Unfortunately, where the weight's just melting off him, I don't seem to be losing any!!
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
No he has started playing sports again but he isnt doing any training and just turns up for games........
blackglitter1085's Blue wedding
Canton, CT, USA
My FH is 6'3" and he was getting pretty portly.  He was probably 250 lbs.  But he's been losing weight for a few months now. He's cut back on eating, not much snacking anymore since he works long days.  Anyway, he's not skinny, but I'm so proud of him because he's lost like 30 lbs already....with the help of some diet pills.  Whatever works for him though ^^
's  wedding
San rafael, CA, USA
Yeah, i hate it when men lose weight faster than women.  Just another challenge that God sets for us girls, just to show that women are stronger and can take a lot more Bulls**t than guys.  Men do have it real easy...maybe God is a man after all...lol.  

My fiance is not really trying but he is looking a little bigger on the shoulders and arms...i think all guys want to look their best for their beautiful bride-to-be on their big special day.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
That's good, and he don't have to pay for a Gym membership! That's cool....
chineyelovesrickey's Purple wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
HECK YEA!!! He goes to the gym pretty often!!! By the time I get home from work (teaching 7th graders) i'm exhausted!!! I get up SUPER early so I trying to get to the gym just isn't happening...he can get up late & go to the gym later

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