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Ok girls... Im having a dilemma. My father is a pastor and I would like him to do my wedding of course but Im afraid I will be crying through the whole ceremony. Im also afraid I will get him crying too. I think it would be so special if he did the ceremony but Im just a little worried about pulling it together for the both of us. I need your input please.
rubia1236's Orange wedding
 |  Fulton, NY, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
Maybe you could have him do part of the ceremony?  You don't want to cry through the whole thing.  He could just do a reading or a special part, like the unity candle if your doing that.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
I agree with Rubia1236, maybe you could have him only do a portion of the ceremony-like the vows or candle lighting.  Or, have him walk you down the aisle and do a scripture reading or special prayer.  How blessed to have your daddy as a pastor :)
innomaki's Blue wedding
 |  Johannesburg, Sant julia de loria, South africa  |  11/13/2009  | 
I think sit down and discuss this with him and see if he can perhaps suggest something in the middle.

Good luck!
lagaylemarie's Black wedding
 |  San diego, CA, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
Awe I think you should do it, it will be a beautiful moment for all of you, and I think you will of course cry at some points, but I also think you'll be able to get through it.

Happy Planning!
sravll's Blue wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  11/14/2009  | 
I say, cry away! Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and emotional!
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