Feb 1, 2010

Since I am having a princess themed wedding it's fair enough to have a CASTLE cake. I don't know how people are going to make it, but since I'm the BRIDE, they are going to have to make what I want ;)
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momo83's Black wedding
Cumming, GA, USA
Its your wedding... you can have whay ever you like and am pretty sure you can find someone to make it for you! Good luck and happy planning princess!
evelinaplusdaniel's Pink wedding
Laguna beach, CA, USA
aww thank you girl!
mommybride's Purple wedding
Pacific, MO, USA
I've seen some very tasteful castle wedding cakes!
evelinaplusdaniel's Pink wedding
San juan capistrano, CA, USA
thank you girl! those links are awesome! i saved them all!:)

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