Aug 14, 2008

So i always see on bridal shows that the bride and groom recieve a gift from each other on the moring of the wedding, usally given to eachother via the best man and maid of honor...
His parents passsed away and i want to give him a lil pin or they got cuff links too, that i saw in a bridal mag..It was a lil angel and it had a poem, about how his dad would be there in spirit and that hes proud of him and hope him all thebest and thinks of him every day and espesally today this day you walk the isle!
Anyway i dont have the magazine anymore...and still want to do somthing cute like that for him, so hes got this lil somthing im memory of his dad... But only him and i knw about it..or if he tells people..But i dont want somthing thats like a huge pin on his shirt..LOL
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lydrae's Blue wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
My fiance is obsessed with Star Wars so we're trying to incorporate it in a few ways, so I'm getting him an R2D2 robot, a book called "Why I love you" which has a bunch of questions which will allow me to write all the sweet answer.  I also might get him a new fancy schmancy watch
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Im doing a boudoir photography session and getting someone to give him the album the morning of the wedding. I  am going to be a nervous wreck doing it but I cant wait to see finished results too. Going to do it in November as the wedding is in Feb! As for what hes getting me? I dont even think he realises he has to! I willl be dropping some big hints ideally I would like a bracelet to wear on my wedding day. My SIL is getting married tomor and her and her FH bought each other watches as thats what they wanted
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Dildo, NL, Canada
Sometimes a couple will go in on a gift to each other.  A couple I know bought a really good digital SLR camera for their wedding present to each other.  It's something that they can keep for a long time, and use at every special occasion.  

Others have bought a new appliance together - a dishwasher, new washer/dryer, etc.  It's something very practical, but kind of boring.  I did read somewhere that couples who bought a large item together had a higher chance of staying together.  That could be a legit stat, or wedding myth.  

I personally, will be getting my FH a battleaxe.  There's an inside joke to it, and he also collects swords and other weapons.  I believe he is going to present me with one of his swords from his collection, or get me a rapier.  I don't know for sure, though.

I remember a bride on WBC did a post on a song she was going to sing for her FH.  That's something sweet and very personal.

In general, think of his interests, and go from there.  I'm sure you will think of something.  It's also not a requirement to exchange gifts.
excitedbride's Green wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
i want to get him somthing hes really going to like and it be like a watch or somthing but hes got a watch and neckless made of gold that he i dont know what to get him. The photography is a good idea, i like that.. some sexy pictures for him professionally!but he cant really open that in fron of his guys before the wedding....HA..well guess he could..Be weird tho
I hope for a bracelett to ware on teh wedding day too
wifewag's Orange wedding
Brentwood, CA, USA
I am giving him the watch he always wanted.

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