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I recently got the estimate on my flowers (just over $2000)!! I have a budget that is EVER expanding but I know that most of the money is going to go towards the premium open bar & food, because..well... we and everyone we know is a lush ;)

I was planning on having roses and ONLY roses. I wanted to have maybe different colored/size vases with flowers in the the center of the tables. I have actually been on the search for a cheaper flower to use in the centerpieces that still looks romantic. I have found some pictures of a flower I thought I would NEVER use, carnations.

The pictures are of carnations packed tight and they look very romantic. I would like to use white and maybe also blush (very pale pink). I will still have roses everywhere else, but this will save alot of money and I think it can look just as beautiful. I will have candles all around the flowers but with a little gold sparkle and of course, pink ;)
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  04/21/2008  | 
Carnations are one of my fave flowers. I love they packed bouquets/arrangements. And they last for a very long time. If you plan to do it yourself. They can easily be arranged a day or two in advance and will look like perfection for the day of! I'm using carnations. Just because they are inexpensive don't mean they aren't fabulous :)
denhswedding's Pink wedding
 |  Surrey, BC, Canada  |  04/21/2008  | 
Over the weekend I was at a wedding and they used white and fushia carnations and let me tell you it was gorgeous....
chirawan's Blue wedding
 |  New york, NY, USA  |  04/21/2008  | 
I see nothing wrong with carnations. Those are actually very nice centerpieces.
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  04/22/2008  | 
i like the look you're going with.  it's strange that as time goes on, you realize things that can be changed for the better & things to be left out...that's why it really helps to take the time paying attn to details, like you've been doing.  i will also have carnations (white) in our bouquets because i like the soft, puffy look of them when they're all clustered together...it reminds me of hydrangeas without being too much.
antibride's Chocolate wedding
 |   |  05/20/2008  | 
Very good idea!!!  A tight cluster of pink/white carns vs roses will visually read as the same thing. No sense throwing $ at it.
Also a good choice for the toss bouquet if you plan on one.
kirabride's  wedding
 |   |  06/16/2008  | 
Wow! what a great idea. it doesn't look like carnations.
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