So everyone I'm Married and I love it!! I cant wait to post some pictures!!!
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Ok so still on the diet and So far 28pounds has been shed from this body! I feel so much better and just love seeing those numbers drop! I still haven't been following the diet perfectly but it seems to be working so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing! I have a ways to go but I'm going to keep going one day at a time and not focus on the end number just yet! So just thought I would share this, if you guys have lost weight let me know what your doing and how its working! Thanks for the support love you all!
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So it is official the date is moved to January 8th 2011 ! With so much going on in our lives right now it just seemed like the best thing for us. To start off my Grandpa has been really sick for the last year and they can't seem to find whats going on so with cancer scares and liver and kidney scares and countless specialist and doctors appointments they finally sent him to someone that knows what he/ or she is doing. So it turns out that he has to have his gallbladder removed (which is causing him so much pain) and might be the reason he has fevers ever day. So they want to schedule the surgery and it usually a pretty easy surgery now a days...well not for him turns out from having so many surgery's from the past they cant go in the way they want to and the only way to do it is to cut open and do it the old way. Well my grandpa has diabetes and very low blood count, so this "easy" surgery is now turning into something more serious and he has no other choice but to remove it. So with this going on and my Grandpa doing our ceremony (he is an ordained minister) I feel it is best to let him get through this give him plenty of rest and return to the wedding at a date were hopefully everything and everyone will be all right. My family is most important and I want each and every one of them at my wedding!

Also, it has saved my butt as well, I haven't been able to focus on getting all my DIY projects done and this will give me the little extra time needed! Thanks for listening and any advice will be greatly appreciated! I appreciate everyone on here you guys are great!!!
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Ok so this should be the last time I come up with a new table number I think I found a winner!! Yay only took me a few months and a few failed attempts at what I thought was amazing. So here they are hope you like! Also, pictures are not that great I took them off my phone and the lighting kept ruining them! So Enjoy !

** Pictures are a little blurry My Bad! ***
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table number1
table number
So here is what I will be wearing in my hair sorry the picture is bad I took it off my phone! I always wanted a crystal bow and saw them online for about $40 - $70 and never could find the right one well when In LA i found this exactly what I wanted for $6 I was so excited! I want my hair half up and down with extensions lots of curls and this in the back with my veil coming off of it.. Hope you guys like! Also, I put some pictures of some hairstyles I like and what mine will sorta look like. Let me know which is your favorite.
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So here is my sign-in tree for the front right when you walk in. It isn't completed yet but it is just to show what it will look like. Im adding more flowers and more hanging jewels and some bright pink jewels at the bottom. Let me know what you think. There will be a picture frame with a cute little saying and some pink tags to hang on the tree and when they walk in they fill out a tag hang it and then get a quick picture and that way I can match a picture to a tag. So I will post more when I get these completed and I like comments good or bad! Thanks!!!
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So went to LA last week and came across these branches turns out our girl doing the flowers was charging $25 a centerpiece and we got these done for about $13 w/o flowers and jewels. The flowers you can buy in bulk out there for about 12 roses its about $2 and then the jewels for a bag of 100 its about $3.50. I got the table squares in damask and fuchsia and I have to say I LOVE THEM! My favorite thing I have found so far would be those squares I got a great price and im so excited to see these tables come together! This isn't exactly what they are going to look like but pretty close we are adding more jewels and some candles and the favor bags to complete it. I will post pictures as soon as it is all done! Let me know what you guys think about these I was super excited about them and I hope you guys like them as well! !! Oh and sorry the picture is bad all I had was my phone so you cant see the little crystals hanging on the branches better pictures to come!
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Ok so we finally decided on there gifts! Never thought something could be so hard! Me and Fh were going to do individual gifts for each person seeing as there all different in there own ways well after a while we still couldn't decide what to get so FH said why not Hats like baseball hats each one will get the team of there choice and then we will also, get them a beer mug with the team logo. Let me know what you think i' am truly stumped!
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I cant wait to see my bouquet!! I was referred to a florist by my uncle and I was a little scarred at first cause where we live she is one of the most expensive florist in town. So I thought what the heck I will give her a shot... So me and my grandma (who is like my coordinator/designer) went there just to see. I feel in love with the place and the lady the second I walked in her shop. She was so sweet and kept reassuring me over and over again that she would give me a great deal. So I know this may sound like a lot and it might be but for $800 she is giving me:

1. 24 dz Fuchsia, pink, white rose bouquet with these little white flowers I cant think of the name with little crystals inside of them with Damask ribbon.
2. FH boutonniere made out of those little white flowers
3. flower girl petals
4. 8 fuchsia rose boutonnieres
5. 8 fuchsia corsage's with damask ribbon
6. 5 bridesmaid bouquet's with 1dz pink roses
7. 12 centerpieces (manzanita branches spray painted black with orchids going up the branches and little crystals hanging from them) .

I think I'm missing something but I cant wait to see everything. What did you guys pay for flowers just curious! Oh and was going to make it a DIY project but I know I wouldn't have the time to do all that and I couldn't do a quarter of the job she will do. Not to mention my flowers were on my top three list of things most important.

The photos to the side are a bouquet that will maybe be like mine except I will have way more pink and then the second one is the manzanita branch
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So I started my diet about 2 months ago and so far have lot 20pounds which is OK but I have so much more to go! I started this program I get shots three times a week and weight in every other day. To be completely honest I have not followed it to the tee and maybe thats why I haven't lost as much as I should have. But not that my 100 mark is up I'm taking this way more serious!! My goal would be 15pounds a month for the next three months, with the diet I'm doing you are guaranteed 20 -30 pounds a month but that is sticking to it and not going off course. So we will see how it all works and I will keep everyone posted!!!
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