May 25, 2009

So yeah yesterday my FH and I went cupcake hunting all around Toronto. I can really say that we had a blast tasting cupcakes. Some spots they really ask for an appointment to have an official tasting so we ended up buying cupcakes from few stores.

Now that I think about it I should have took pictures! *Shame on me*

So yup first place we stopped at was Dufflet at Yonge Street, they are really awesome gave us a tasting and prices. Man each cupcake is $2.60 I was like cool that isn’t bad, then he mention that depending the decoration we wanted it could jump all the way to $2.00 extra per cupcake, to much... Also their mini cakes are around $15.00 each, they are super cute! ... So we decided to hit the next store.

So next store we stopped at was the cupcake Shoppe at Yonge Street also just few blocks down from the previous store. The girls there are so nice! Everything looks so clean and organize and so fresh! Since the owner or manager wasn't there we didn't have a free tasting so we bough some cupcakes. Great prices, but not so many choices for the flavors.

Went to visit this other few Granma stores that are so expensive and so not my style of cakes/cupcakes.... So hard to find cute cupcakes ARG...

Last but not least we stopped at Yummy Stuff store at Queen Street... Oh my... The store is to fall in love with... They have such a variety of cakes and cupcakes, they provide rental of stands, if we finally decide for the idea of giving the cupcakes as favors well they also have cute boxes and tags and everything there!. Again manager wasn't there but the girl there was so nice and gave us so much information. We got the mini cupcakes to taste them also.

So after hitting the streets of Toronto and like 10 different bakeries, yup these are the best in my opinion:

1. - Yummy Stuff, Great flavors, frosting is delicious, the designs are cute also and they provide the other services we need.

2. - Cupcake Shoppe, the flavor is good, frostings are the best so rich and moist. BUT they only have few flavors in cake... they specialize more into frostings lol, still Awesome!

3,- Dufflet, amm To expensive, flavors are so rich to much in my opinion, frostings aren’t fresh at all and they aren’t most...

So yes we can say that we are getting our cake and cupcakes from the YUMMY STUFF! I can’t wait to talk with the owner and arrange an officially tasting!

Oh yes! We are not doing the mini cakes... Sad, they are so adorable but so expensive can be like $8.00 at least for 1 per person I think that is too much. I can use that money in something else.
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Cupcakes Tasting! YAY xD!
sarahdarling's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
that sounds like an awesome day and luckily i live at yonge/eg right near dufflet and the cupcake shoppe. i actually walk by the cupcake shoppe every day on my way home from the day i'll go in and come out 10 lbs heavier!
hotpink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
You should contact my friend Catherine...  her stuff is awesome and delicious!! :)
faithsophi's Purple wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Sarahdarling: yes you should visit the cupcake shoope they are really good!

Hotpink: Thanks for the link, a lot of great flavors I wish there was a way to taste them without ordering a dozen though. LOL xD!
hotpink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
You just have to email her and set up a consultation, she makes tasters for you :)

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