Jan 19, 2009

Any plus size women out there with dress ideas? I go on Wednesday to start looking for a dress and being a larger woman, I want to find something flattering that won't make me look like Moby Dick. I don't really want backless, strapless or a halter. What kind of material is best for us?
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poignantmirth's Blue wedding
Reynoldsburg, OH, USA
I agree,no strapless.  Every strapless gown I put on made me feel like a line backer.  I always go for side swishes, I avoided poofy ball gowns that jutted out at the hip.  I don't need anymore jutting out there.  By halter do you mean spaghetti straps or around the neck?  I liked the around the neck look on me.  The straps again gave that line backer feel.  I am currently thinking about an off the shoulder.  The dresses that split down the middle did not flatter my figure at all either, but I am funnily shaped.    I don't know what materiel's though.  Good luck!
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
I definitely agree NO strapless!!  I ended up getting a halter style and I think it looks great, but the off-the-shoulder style looks really nice too (to cover up some of that extra jiggle in the arm area lol)!!  I thought that if I found a strapless dress that I just absolutely adored then I might add straps to it, but I tried on a dress that had those sheer off-the-shoulder straps and that just looked like blah...so I wouldn't recommend that!!  I posted up not too long ago about my dress that I just bought after Christmas if you wanna check out the style...although it's not ME trying on the dress in any of the pictures cause I hated how I looked that day!!!  Anyways, my dress size is an 18W and I wear about a size 18 in jeans just to give you an idea!!  Hope this helps...good luck dress shopping from a fellow "big girl walking" lol!!! ;-)
lsmith6609's Blue wedding
Rosendale, MO, USA
I agree no strapless or spaghetti straps! I like the halter style tho..with maybe an A-line sihlouette..I was like you though at first I didn't want a halter but I had never worn anything with a halter style neckline..but when I tried one I absolutely loved it! So don't limit yourself..try to be open-minded! That was the hardest part for me! Goodluck, picking out the dress is the fun part!
kandbholley's Pink wedding
Hephzibah, GA, USA
I agree A-line dresses will help.  I am a plus size bride also
jaysonsgirl's Pink wedding
Long beach, MS, USA
i am a size 14-16 and i actually love the strapless...it looks good on me! i wouldn't do satin! the material is so heavy and VERY hot! a good bridal store will help with material choices. they know what's up. i am thinking of david's bridal only because they have more plus size dresses in stock. i was thinking about ordering one from another little bridal shop, but they told me that once i ordered it, it was mine....so i didn't want to order one that i have never tried on. everything looks different on racks then they do on you. try everything! try every style!
's  wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
I recommend trying everything on to see what you feel comfortable in. I am plus size (18) and was able to fit into a Maggie Sottero gown size 16. Mind you, I am not large breasted-I carry most of my weight  from my hips down. I suggest trying on anything with an assymetrical waistline(swoops to the side) and a tie up(corset) back! Very slimming!! I swear I look 20 lbs lighter. Also, I found it very challenging to find dresses at the store in my size to try on-but let me tell you-every Maggie dress I tried on looked amazing-because of the corset back.It felt wonderful to actually go into a store and fit into a dress!! Good luck let us know how it goes!!
srflowers2002's Orange wedding
Houston, TX, USA
Mine is strapless!  If you go to David's Bridal, they have a seamstress and she can make you shoulder sleeves, if you talk to her on the side.  It depends on how you want them to look.  David's bridal is awesome.  I'm a size 14.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
The best silhouette for a plus size bride is an A- Line. They lengthen the whole body without drawing attention to your waistline. Another good choice is a wedding dress with an empire waist which has a seam just below the bust and allows the fabric to drape over your waist and hips.

Open necklines such as scoop, keyhole, or V-necks are a perfect way to draw attention to your bust line and away from problem areas.

Choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon, lighter satins, and silk shantung, which will graze your figure beautifully, try to stay away from velvet, crepe and heavy satins which will cling to your body and emphasize any trouble spots. Matte fabrics are also a more slimming choice than those that are shiny.

Simple dress designs tend to make a bride looking lean, while a lot of embellishments tend to add pounds. Add accessories and jewelry to add sparkle and punch to your wedding gown.
futuremccomb's Black wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
I actually just got my dress @ Davids Bridal. The style is 9e9304 i believe. it comes with a lace cape so it is very flattering up top. it also creates an hour glass shape and flows nicely. I can't find a picture on the website, but I hope to add pictures to my blog soon!
amanda47's Purple wedding
Tainan, T'ai-wan, Taiwan
I originally didn't want a halter either . . . but I tried on everything.  After looking back over photos of dresses I tried on, one of the halters actually looked the most flattering.

So, try not to have any preconceived ideas.

I suggest looking for A-line, empire waists, and gowns that lace up the back.

You can always add a little jacket with either short or long sleeves in either lace or satin.  Or, like someone else already suggested, have cap sleeves or even short sleeves sewn in to the dress by a seamstress.

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