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Question for non US brides

This is totally NWR, but my brain works in mysterious ways and I had a question.

In the US, we use the name Doe, like John Doe if it's someone that can't be identified. I was just curious what a person like that was called in your country and which country it is.

Darn those late night mystery crime novels....
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 |  Sydney, Canillo, Australia  |  03/31/2009  | 
lol - very random... we call them the same thing... Jane or John Doe - Australia
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 |  Mount pearl, NL, Canada  |  03/31/2009  | 
yes strange question, but here in canada we call them the same thing
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 |  New york, NY, USA  |  03/31/2009  | 
same thing in the UK (jane doe/john doe).. i thing there is a story behind it
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