rose petals hurricanes and candles
ceremony alter
crimson feather bouquet
rose petals hurricanes and candles
dark red petals
black stems, tall hurricane, roses decor for bar
ceremony altercrimson feather bouquetrose petals hurricanes and candlesdark red petalsblack stems, tall hurricane, roses decor for bar

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To Silk or not to Silk ..?

Ladies, I need your opinions ?!

This alter picture (just the rose arrangements) is the look I'm going for, minus the Chupa. My arrangements will probably have feathers incorporated.

Silk (or whatever they make at Hobby Lobby/Garden Ridge) or Real Roses ?

I want my bouquet to be fresh flowers only if I can get Black Magic and Black Baccara roses.

I will use Black Stems instead of green in the tall hurricane pictures.
Should I use silk or real rose petal in the places that I plan on scattering ?
hotpink's Pink wedding
 |  Kanata, ON, Canada  |  01/06/2010  | 
I like and used real rose petals, but I am not a huge fan of silk flowers. That's just me though, and mostly because my mom is a floral designer :) Florists usually save rose petals, so I would ask how much they charge for a few bags then price out silk ones too! Good luck
fijipearl's Red wedding
 |  Grand prairie, TX, USA  |  01/06/2010  | 
I prefer real rose petals...its a mental thing I guess. I can always use them in my Cleopatra Milk Bath that I make...I will get with the florists shops I'm working with to see what their prices are.  THX !
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/06/2010  | 
i honestly prefer real petals too. That or dried real ones, but fresh is always so nice!
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