Feb 24, 2011

He girlies...

I am going to my first Bridal Show this weekend! I am super Excited!!!

Have you guys ever gone to one and if so....Was it helpful?

My fiance didnt want to go but since I dont really have anyone to go with me...He said he would tag along. Insert smile :)

What are some pointers while attending bridal shows?
I have heard that having contact labels printed (with my contact info) would be a big help.

Please help?
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kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
The shows I went to provided you with everything you could possible need.  
The only thing I didn't like was some vendors asked for your email/number for a draw, then started contacting me being very pushy.
's  wedding
Waterloo, ON, Canada
I found them very helpful, I got a free wedding band for FH, a discount on tux rentals and found a girl to make my macroon favors for a great price , plus they are a lot of fun besides as Kristah says the phone calls/emails you get later but other than that it was fun !
justaboutwright's Purple wedding
Saint louis, MO, USA
For me bridal shows are great for ideas.  I also found an awesome photographer.  

Labels....YES YES YES....I put our names, address, email and wedding date.  That's it....like kristah said they can be pushy so I wouldn't advise putting your phone number...an email is easier to ignore.  I did about 60 labels for the show I went to and it was just enough.  

I also have a bag that has wheels...you will collect tons of literature and if you have to carry all that stuff it can wear you down.  

Wear comfortable shoes and I left my purse in the trunk of my car....it's just another 'someething' to carry.  Also, take your camera so you can snap pics of ideas you like.  

Have fun!
luckyinlovelucy's Pink wedding
Midland, MI, USA
I'm going ot my first bridal show this weekend too! I couldn't be more excited!!! Hope you find some great deals and get some great ideas!!! :)
prncss173's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
It is helpful if you have an idea of particular vendors you are looking at because they will give you discounts a lot of times.  If you don't have any ideas it can get overwhelming, so it is good to have something to separate the info or vendors that you actually want to follow up with.  I think they are a lot of fun and you certainly get a lot of info.
lovebyrdz's Green wedding
Bridal shows are amazing. They are very helpful, and gives u new ides. The vendors there are usually running specials that you can take advantage of because u attend the show. I have never used one per say because I already had my vendors booked.

You have an opportunity to win great prizes. I attended 2 so far, and I won a free engagement session, bridal magazine feature, free bachelorette party, free photoguest book, and half off a complete photo/video pckg. So attend them, they help and there fun

Good Luck and Happy Planning!!!!
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
I went to one last weekend and I found it informative. My place provides the food, linens, and gives cake options for 4 different vendors. Plus, I already know what kind of centerpieces I wants, so it was just a nice outing for me and the girls. I'm trying to focus on my dress now lol. I went to the Great Bridal Show Expo. Definitely come with little cards with your name, address, email, phone number, and wedding date on them. There are many raffles and giveaways. This will save you from writing down your information or paying for the ones they can provide to you. Definitely bring your FH and any bridal party members.

Have fun!
yuandmi's Blue wedding
Ajax, ON, Canada
Depends on the stage of the planning you're at. I went to one in the beginning of my planning and found my DOC, florist, decorator, tux for FH...
The last one I visited was blah because I have most vendors booked already... But it was fun taking photobooth pictures :)

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