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Hey Girls! As you might have read I am going to be in Events and I need a great buiness name here`s one I`m thinking of
forever starts now events + weddings but if you can think of something better please let me know ! :) ps. thats the poll part

Also, font colors would be helpful too :)

sherri02's Black wedding
 |  Burlington, ON, Canada  |  05/07/2010  | 
I like the name, it's perfect!
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  05/07/2010  | 
thank you Sherri! which logo do you like?
kittieswed's Purple wedding
 |  Bronx, NY, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
I like the chandelier logo and the name.

Only thing I would do is google the name and some variations, before picking a business name it's a good idea to see who else is using, if your proposed website is available, etc
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
I love the name! And I like the chandelier logo! :) Good luck!
thebeautyaddict's Red wedding
 |  Apache junction, AZ, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
I Love it! and the chandelier logo is very chic!
rainbowdream's Pink wedding
 |  Spokane, WA, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
Well that name is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!.Hea gurl post a pic of you the ring is beautiful,but it is nice to put a face with words :)
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  05/07/2010  | 
forever starts now is it! :) YAAY! thank you so much ladies! I`m super excited about this new journry! I like the chandler one too!

rainbowdream - here ya go! :)
honeybee's Purple wedding
 |  Brandon, MS, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
The name is perfect as is. I like the font. And the chandelier logo is best!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
I like what you have chosen so far!  I'm so glad to see us girls branching out for the future.  One day, we will all meet at the same convention. The WBC convention, wouldn't that be fun!
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  05/07/2010  | 
Honey Bee - Thanks hun ! :)

Rhonda - THANKS! :) yes, the Wedding By Color Women in Business convention! Sisters are doing it for themselfs! (Song on Legally Blonde 2)
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
I vote for the chandelier logo! I love the font you used with it as well. The name Forever Starts Now Events + Weddings sounds great! :)
nasha412's Black wedding
 |  Pittsburgh, PA, USA  |  05/07/2010  | 
i love the first one, so classy =) i actually like the colors as is
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  05/07/2010  | 
I agree with the other girls. Sorry I'm late, craaazy work week!
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  05/08/2010  | 
I LOVE that you are stepping out & following your dreams!!!  The design is fabulous.  May I ask, what exactly will you be doing with the events & weddings?   Will you work with brides & such with planning & coordinating, and the whole shabang?!  I wanna know!!
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  05/08/2010  | 
Grateful bride - Yes the whole shebang! It depends really how much the bride will be needing me, if she wants the full deal, i'm there :) Also, I'm working with Rhonda (rodrhonda4ever) on this HUGE event for our WBC brides! :)
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