Apr 9, 2010

FONT>Kay, so I should have been doing Math today.. yeah really should have done that.. but I was goofing around with Photoshop today and I had found this desgin @ printablebride.com and made it for my STD.

My main theme is turning into a spring time vintagity damask vibe. But is the Chandelier too much? Does it match? Or save it for something else?

I think it brings more of the vintage vibe.. and my venue says I can request a Chandelier but I don't know about this one girls!


UPDATE: FH "vetoed' this and said he liked the first one better.
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Organial one
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Love it!
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
Oakdale, NY, USA
I think its cute (my only critique) is that I think you need a lil more space between your names and the line below them..but I really like it
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Oak forest, IL, USA
Yay!! Bride using my freebies! I like how you made it a save the date!!
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
Thanks ladies!
Grateful- I see you and I had the same idea :) Yaay! ps. emailing you back very soon!
Lynn- Yes, I will I just kinda goofed around to see what my limits are :)
unpredicatablebride- I recommended to another Bride on her and then I got thinking and here it is :) Awesome Desgin :)

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