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What's your Spring Goal?

FONT>Happy Friday ladies! If you aren't busy today it would be a great day to do some DIY's! :)

Now, since I'm allowed to not have a job right now I am setting a goal for my self for the spring months ; my goal is to be more organized & to save at least $500.00 by July 1st I am not a saver what so ever.

Do you ladies, have a spring goal?! :)

ps. I'm down to 25 months! YAAAY. I'm SO glad we changed the date cause just thinking that I would be at 13 months in this situation right now, I'd have an anxitey attack.

lynnmichael's Blue wedding
 |  Oakdale, NY, USA  |  04/02/2010  | 
my "spring" goal is to tone my body- I try to go to the gym 4 days a week but really want to concentrate on toning my upper body for that strapless gown! My best friend is running a half marathon so she is my inspiration.
I also have to get my thesis done but that's due in two weeks so that is a "right now" goal and then after that I am going back to school for my administrators license because I will have my BFA
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  04/02/2010  | 
What a great goal lynnmicheal! haha yes I have a thesis to do too and also have 2 weeks to do it :P But you sound super busy!
bradley1111's Black wedding
 |  Onalaska, WA, USA  |  04/02/2010  | 
I need to tone up a bit before bikini season. I look great for having a kid 5 1/2 months ago but I still need some work!  I also need to get crackin on my DIY projects!!
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
 |  Oakdale, NY, USA  |  04/02/2010  | 
bradley111 - ME TOO!!! I haven't started any and have less than 5 months to go...
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