Wedding Day Shoes
As if I need an excuse for another pair

I just had to post the picture of my shoes because I realized that this whole time I've never taken the moment to "toot toot" myself for buying a fab pair. (toot toot is not me farting its my way of tooting my own horn...steal it if you like...I say it anytime I am proud of myself for something or bragging about myself. EX: "Man, I look hot! TOOT TOOT!")

My friends tell me I'm a goof for this but I dig it!!

Anyway, back to the shoe subject!! Feast your eyes on these sexy puppies. They are Miu miu which is Prada's bridal line. I'm real proud of this purchase!!! haha
rachelw849's Black wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  03/09/2010  | 
wow!!! they are amazingly sexy, Lucky girl . I too like shoes way to much lol
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Killeen, TX, USA  |  03/09/2010  | 
I am a shoeaholic so I fully understand!! Girl these are BAD!!!
blingbride's White wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
o wow I guess I have the knock of pair from BAKERS< I have them in black caught them on clearance for 15 bucks
foureyes's Blue wedding
 |  Dallas, TX, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
Bakers is where I buy most of my shoes.  I love that place!!
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