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I want the vibe of my wedding to look Marie Antoinette meets Grace Kelly. Parts will be classic and glamorous and parts will be frilly and feminine. Instead of flowers, my bridesmaids are going to be carrying fans- it will look very 18th Century but also pay tribute to my fiance's Spanish family. My colors are pink and green (ballet slipper pink, and mint green, with touches of a brighter green and gold). For the centerpieces, I am going to get prints of famous paintings from 1400's-1800's- my fiance and I met while working in an art museum and I am an art historian. I haven't figured out quite how I want to display these yet- a beautiful frame would be ideal, but also expensive. I also purchased some fluer de lys glass cups from Pier One that I am going to put tea lights in. I want to use dried rose buds for something (you get get them really cheap on eBay) but I am not sure for what yet- either in glass jars, or as sachets to throw...Please give me some feed back for ideas! Thanks~
oldhollywoodbride's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  03/23/2009  | 
I think this decor will look absolutely gorgeous and very unique... and VERY VERY romantic! Can't wait to see all your ideas! ^_^
's  wedding
 |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |  03/23/2009  | 
sounds fantastic!  check ebay for inexpensive and elaborate easels/frames.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  03/24/2009  | 
I love it...Something unique and different!
savillon's Pink wedding
 |  Del valle, TX, USA  |  04/09/2009  | 
i can imagine it and it looks beautiful! wonderful choice of colors!!
's  wedding
 |  Cambridge, ON, Canada  |  06/29/2009  | 
Maybe enclose them in glass and set them down on the table to put candles and rose petals on.. like those decorative mirrors you put candles on....only this mirror has a picture! :)
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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