Mar 20, 2011

Well we have just recently cracked the 3 month engagement mark, and I am starting to wonder if i should be a little further ahead in my planning for the big day!

I was google'ing like mad when we first got engaged, but that initial excitement wore off and i hit a bit of a slump.

I keep hearing, "It's a marathon not a race!", "You have plenty of time!"... but the first question i keep getting asked is "How is the wedding planning coming along?" My response at the moment is 'meh' which is generally greeted with a surprised facial gesture .. so i am officially getting on the wedding train.

15 months is going to go fast, so time to get cracking. But where to begin? I've decided my first milestone is the venue and to get it locked in by June. I figure everything else will begin to fall in place once I lock in the location, and ultimately finalise the date.

Wish me luck!
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Olympia, WA, USA
The whole "how is the planning coming" is just something people are going to say to you up until the wedding day. Unless you're having a HUGE affair I wouldn't be worried about nothing having much done after 3 months.

LOL I'm getting married in 97 days and we didn't even have a venue reserved until right before Valentines day! You're fine!!

Congratulations and welcome to WBC!
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Brisbane, 04, Australia
Thanks for the welcome!

I'm not getting worried, so much as trying to pump myself up and enjoy the next 15months :D

Best of lunch for your wedding!

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