In order to save $$$, Nate and I decided to implement a rule that only people who are in serious relationships, engaged, or married can bring a guest; otherwise, no guests. Plus, we don't want a ton of people that we don't even know at our wedding and we have a lot of cousins that we don't want brining random people just to have a guest.

We also decided to have an adult only reception which will also cut down significantly on costs of children who won't even eat the $30 meal.

So....I am re-ordering our RSVP postcards to say:


________ accept with pleasure

________ seats have been reserved in your honour

(this way, we can fill in how many seats they get)
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I got VERY good deals on my dresses for my bridal shower and rehearsal! The ivory/satin dress is for the rehearsal (very bridal) and the other dress is for my bridal shower :)

Glad to have these off my list of To Dos before the wedding!
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rehearsal dinner dress
bridal shower dress
Nate and I bought our wedding bands this past weekend and we were actually able to take them home with us that same day! I really love my band and can't wait to be able to wear it in 3 months. It is a 1 ct., platinum, eternity band (30 diamonds). I will officially be wearing 45 diamonds on my ring finger after the wedding!!! Ah! :)

Nate's ring is traditional, like him, and both rings have a lifetime guarantee for anything from losing diamonds to re-dipping Nate's ring in white gold whenever he wants.

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My ring
Nate ring
Today is the 3 month mark and I am so happy that the time is going by quickly!!! I am on track with all of the planning and can't wait for the next month to go by! :) It feels like it is getting much closer!
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Pink 3 Months!!!! I'm SO EXCITED :)
Jan 15, 2010

It is so exciting to be at the 4 month mark! Time is really flying by :) I can't wait to be Mrs. Braun!
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Pink 4 Months!!! YAY :)
Time is flying by which is wonderful....5 months seems like it is getting much closer :) I am so so so excited!!! Before I know it, it will only be one month away!
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Five months
Nate and I booked our honeymoon over the Thanksgiving break and I am SO EXCITED! I am almost as excited for the honeymoon as I am for the wedding :)

We are staying at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic - Punta Cana for one week. We got a really good deal through including the non-stop flight, hotel, meals, tips, activities (wind surfing, snorkeling), and more fun stuff!
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I get to spend the week with Nate so one of the things that we got done was picking out the tuxes and getting him measured. I really like the style that we went with....all the groomsmen will have black shirts with black vests/ties and Nate will have a white shirt with an ivory vest/tie. :) I think that it will look very classy and go well with the all black/formal bridesmaid dresses.
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I have been looking forward to the 6 month mark our whole engagement. I have heard that the time flys by once you hit the 6 month mark so I'm really hoping that is true :)
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6 months
YAY! I just passed my candidacy exam which is a really big hoop to jump through in my doctoral program. I am one step closer to being able to put Dr. in front of my name!!! :)

It still seems unreal that I will be changing two parts of my name soon!
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