After today....we will be in the 100s :) It makes me so so so excited that it is getting closer. Once Nov. hits, I think that the time will just fly by because of the holidays and all of the excitement that comes with that time (and I will finally get some breaks from grad school)!!!

PS: This is by far my favorite wedding picture that I have come across haha! It is set as the background on my laptop too!
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200 days
Doesn't she look gorgeous?! Trish and I have been attached at the hip since I was 17 days old (My bday is June 1st and hers is June 17th). She is my cousin, bestfriend, and now my maid of honor :) I am so blessed to have Trish because she is the sweetest, most caring person that I know and I wouldn't be able to get through all of this wedding stuff without having her by my side!

After seeing Trish in her dress, I am even more thrilled with the bridesmaid dresses that I picked...they are elegant, romantic, and super flattering! They fit my black-tie affair wedding theme perfectly!
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Pink Bridesmaids My beautiful MOH ordered her dress!!!
It has been 5 1/2 months since my life changed forever with this ring :) Nathan worked so hard to give me the ring of my dreams so I couldn't imagine anything ever happening to it. It is the best gift that I have ever received! I have had several nightmares over the last couple of months that my diamonds were falling out or my ring was stolen. As of today, it is totally insured and my worries are gone!!! Yay!
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My ring
Today marks the 7 month point until our wedding! I am really looking forward more to the 6 month mark because it just seems so much closer!! I'm praying that the time goes by quickly :) Now that we have the whole wedding planned, I'm just waiting (not so patiently) for it to get here!!
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Pink Getting there 7 more months until I'm a Mrs.!
I found the coolest website for calculating weight loss goals!! I plugged in my info and I need to burn 400 calories each day with my 1150 cal diet to lose 1.6 lbs per week. My goal is to lose 14 lbs by January 1, 2010!! yippy! :)

Things to Know:

1) A person has to burn 3500 calories more than they consume to lose one pound of fat; the difference between calories consumed and calories burned is called your calorie deficit.

2) Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is what your body burns just by existing each day. Calculate it here Your body obviously burns more than this by moving, eating, walking, etc.

3) You need to calculate the average # of calories you will realistically be burning during exercise (by week or by day).

4) Consider how many calories a day you are consuming.

Create your Plan:

1) In order to lose 14 lbs, I need to burn a total of 49,000 calories (3500 x 14). Spread out over 12 weeks is a weekly goal deficit of (49000 / 12) = 4083 (1.6 lbs). A daily goal will be a deficit of 4083 / 7 = 583.

2) My BMR is 1341.

3) I am going to burn 400 calories per day at the gym, running, or doing the 30 day shred

4) The average number of calories I'd like to consume daily is 1150.

5) Now you just need to play around with the numbers a little bit to see if your goal is realistic based on your current plan:

1341 + 400 - 1150 = 591 (Very close to my daily goal deficit so I know I'm on track!!!)

Of course, my BMR will change as I begin to lose weight so I will have to reexamine this every couple of weeks :)
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Now that I am getting into the "get in great shape for the wedding" mode, I thought that I would use all the motivation that I can get. I have heard great reviews about this heart rate montior (Polar FT60) and all of its features:

-Gives you weekly training targets - when you meet or exceed your goal it gives you a cute little trophy on the screen :)
-Tracks calories burned
-Adapts to your training habits
-Acts as a personal trainer
-Upload your goals to the website and compete aginst yourself or others (e.g., who can burn the most calories in a week, run the most miles, etc.)

It will definitely motivate me to run the extra mile, get myself to the gym, and take the stairs. Nathan said that he would get it for me as an early Xmas gift...I'm spolied and have the best fiance ever!! :) So now I just need to decide if I want one in purple or black!!!
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I miss my hound almost as much as I miss Nate!! Being long-distance is really hard and no fun, especially when there are 2 men to miss!! I remember before we got him last year, I DID NOT want to get a basset hound. However, Nate's mind was set because he grew up with hounds and shortly after, I was in love!

I just asked Nate (half seriously) if Bruce could be in our wedding and I got a big VITO! He has been really open to all the plans that I have been making, but having Bruce at the wedding was too much for him haha! Bruce is not very well behaved to say the least so I can see his point.
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Today I started my new workout program so I thought that it would motivate me if I posted about my progress :) I want to lose 10-15 lbs before May so I'm starting early so that I can be in the best shape of my life! Plus, working out is such a huge stress reliever which I need right now.

I am going to do the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred everyday in combination with running and taking aerobic classes at the gym (kickboxing, cardio killer, etc) a couple days a week. I consider myself to be pretty athletic and was surprised that Level 1 was really tough for me!!!

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!! :)
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Nathan and I were in Michigan visiting my family this past weekend and we did our registry! It was such a fun experience talking about what we want for “OUR” home together (including bedroom set, bathroom stuff, and decorations). We were able to compromise very easily which is yet another reason that we are perfect for each other.

We registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and had a great experience at both places. Bed Bath and Beyond provided more information and guidance, but both places left us alone to run through the store and scan the items that we liked.

The only things that we disagreed on:

Nathan: paper shredder (why in the world we would need or want this was beyond me, but needless to say, it is on our registry!) Maybe I can make an addendum online telling guests to NOT get this for us haha!

Amy: An AWESOME board game called “would you rather.” It is a psychology oriented game so of course I thought that it was completely necessary for us to own. He let me get away with putting it on our registry because of the paper shedder :)

One more thing to check off the list!!!
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I am so very blessed!!! My friend Carrie's mom bought 100 of these candle holders for her sister's wedding and she is letting us borrow them for our wedding!!! My dream of having a candle lit reception is coming true :)

The majority of tables will have a larger hurricane candle in the middle (provided by the Hilton) and then 5 of these candle holders surrounding the bigger candle. The other tables will have long pink calla lilies with these candles surrounding the vases!
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