Oct 1, 2008

Hello Ladies
My FH has decided not to serve alcohol at our reception. Is this something we should tell our guest in advance? Or let them find out when they get there. Some of our guest maybe expecting it. Thanks

Thanks Ladies for all your suggestions I really appreciate them. Money isn't the issue it's more of a religious choice which means there will be no alcohol at all. My FH doesn't drink at all I'm not a huge drinker myself. I've just decide to tell a few people in the bridal party which they will pass the word or if one of my guest say something then I'll mention it and on the reception card I'll say things like "Join us for dinner and dancing" instead of "Join us for drinks, dinner and dancing" and Hors d'oeuvres will be served at 5:30pm" Instead of Cocktail hour starts at 5:30pm". I'm not going to make a big deal out of not having alcohol if people have problems with it then that's on them. I've been to a few weddings with on alcohol and it was fine. I think cash bars are tacky. My FH says absolutely no alcohol whether they are paying for it or not. Thanks for you help! It was greatly appreciated. You guys are the best!
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vintagevixen's White wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
OMG I have never been to a wedding with no alcohol.
's  wedding
Greenville, SC, USA
it isn't a big deal to not have alcohol at the reception.. most places now a days won't allow anything but wine or champagne for the toast. i dont think that your guests should expect you to pay for them to get drunk anyways. we are having this problem as well. most places i have looked at don't allow alcohol at all & apparently his side is wanting to get toasted drunk at our reception, which i wasn't going to allow anyways. max of 3 drinks per person...
sarbear0931's Green wedding
Thornhill, ON, Canada
i think you should tell them in advance.. also many people expect to drink at a wedding if you dont wanna pay for alcohol you should get a bunch of bottles of wine for guest or tell them its byob
lkdiva03's Pink wedding
Saint helena, CA, USA
We will not be having real alcohol at ours either (you can look at my post for ideas I was given for other drinks)
I think that you shouldn't have to tell them in advance, but you may want to tell a few people and just let the word get spread on its own.
It is very common now a days to have no alcohol so I wouldn't worry about it all that much!
's  wedding
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I don't think it's that shocking not to have alcohol at a wedding.  Among other reasons, there are a lot of people in the world with alcoholism or allergies to alcohol.  
Personally, we've considered a dry reception.  We haven't decided yet.  We're having a lunch to dissuade heavy drinking.  We are also having a cash bar.  I'm getting the word out by word of mouth.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
I think maybe you should tell a few family and friends and the news should spread like that, it will only draw attention to the fact its an alcohol free reception if you tell guests and take from the actual celebration itself ; ) which we dont want happening!
victorias1911's Purple wedding
Warren, MI, USA
I'm not having alcohol at my wedding either because my family is religious and they don't drink but i'm having an afterparty at a different place that night that my FMIL will be paying for and it's an open bar and stuff so my friends already know about  this and we're putting in separate little cards in the invitations stating where the afterparty is and stuff, so whoever wants to come party and drink, can.
mrsb2b's White wedding
Salem, USA
I think you should tell them in advance, ESPECIALLY if you know they are expecting alcohol. You don't want to be worrying if people are pissed or annoyed on your special day. Be courteous and just give them a heads up, it's not like it's going to cost you anything!

Keep in mind that just because people serve alcohol at their weddings doesn't mean they are "paying for their guests to get drunk". Most mature adults know that weddings are not the place to get completely wasted. :)
b2b814's Purple wedding
Lake mary, FL, USA
Wow that is a tuff one ! i say do one hour  of open bar
krizavas's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
I think you should re-think your decision... It's costly but very much worth it.
People do expect it too...

Unless it's for a religious reason, than I say serve something alcoholic.. champagne only, wine only.. something

Why not a cash bar?
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I think you should have alcohol available for your guests.

At least have a cash bar.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Sorry that I'm just now getting back to you about your request of knowing software used for my monograms.  Marta12 is the creator.  I see that she's your favorites...She makes the magic happen...She made mines and others.

Now, your blog about alcohol is wonderful...The don't need to have details of the reception.  Let them see once they arrive.  You don't need to have any lip/smack/suggestions about alcohol from your friends and family.  No stress and less stress is best.  They'll still have a great time without booze, plus they'll remember your reception forever!
autumnp's Chocolate wedding
Smyrna, TN, USA
the michaels' coupons usually come at the end of the receipt, or in the newspaper. Sometimes...they post coupons on their website (usually 40-50% off).Just keep your eye out for them.

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