Mar 18, 2009

So, my FH and I were talking last night and I requested that we cease doing the horizonal mambo for one month prior to our nuptials so that we can make our first evening as husband and wife special...

Homeboy wasn't having it-- He said two weeks, I say four

We negociated and still have not come to an agreement--

For those non-virgins, how long are you trying to hold out with your FH until wedding night?

How are you negociating waiting for nookie until Wedding Night?
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sabrinav's Blue wedding
Concord, ON, Canada
I personally don't understand this.
We won't be holding out on each other except for the night before (since we won't be staying at the same place).  I don't think that holding out makes your wedding night more special if you've already been having sex.  
No matter what it's going to be special. It's the first time as husband and wife, that's awesome enough for me!

If we had to hold off for a month or even a couple weeks it would be more about just getting at each other than about  enjoying each other.
amcs76's Green wedding
Pickering, ON, Canada
I have to agree with sabrinav. It's going to be special regardless. I think if a guy has to hold out that long, wedding night sex is not going to "last long" if you know what I mean. If you have already had sex, how will it make it anymore special than it already is, by holding out?
slenderellav's Green wedding
Clementon, NJ, USA
I think my FH would respond the same way yours did. Actually, I wouldn't be having it if he suggested it to me! haha. Also, you should keep in mind that a large percentage of people do not even get intimate on their wedding night because they are too exhausted.
nmiller20's Black wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
If he was up  for the challenge of it, the sure I would do it, but I would let it become a big issue...if you cant come to an agreement the just cut the idea loose! But I think the idea is fun, could add on some spice.....I do agree with the ladies it going to be special reguardless. I know if my FH and I waited he still would take his time that night! Maybe I will ask him and see what he say.....LOL...Maybe like fasting.....LMAO!
light1882's Orange wedding
Mission, KS, USA
We won't be holding off either. It's a good stress reliever and we're both going to be stressed before the wedding. If you two can agree on something, then fine, but if it's a big issue, don't worry about it. Married sex will be good because it's your wedding night, not because you held off so long.
futuremrscrosby's Blue wedding
Williamsport, PA, USA
Thanks ladies-- it appears, based on your input, we may agree on two weeks wait-- I'll be so busy anyway, there won't be much time for the nookie!
bluebabygirl09's Blue wedding
De pere, WI, USA
Lol! I love this post. Sorry I'm a little late on responding.. SO.. We got engaged November 7th, 2007. When we first got engaged, we said that once it came to be a year until the wedding, we would stop having sex until. That didn't work. To justify it, we said 9 months. (so then there would be no chance of getting preggers before the wedding.) and THAT didn't work. to justify THAT, we said 6 months. Didn't work. So now, we're going to try to do the whole one month before the wedding thing. I personally think it does make it special if you wait a little bit. Just the anticipation itself makes it really special. (for me at least).. I mean, if we kept having sex up until the day of the wedding, it would still mean just as much, but the anticipation of waiting for it makes it kind of exciting! K, so those are my two cents. Wish me luck when the time comes, that we don't break that deal as well. lol

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