Mar 20, 2011

Ive been busy making fascinators for my maids! I want something extravagent and glam and I think ive managed it! The birdcage netting can be worn as a birdcage veil or I think most of them are gona tuck it up under the fasconator so you can see a bit of it rather than having it as a veil, that way ill be the only one wearing a veil! A couple of my maids have said they dont like them much tho, so do I just say tough or do i do something else....? Need to get on with making mine next!! eXCITING!
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Purple Bridesmaids hairstyles and fascinator
Purple Bridesmaids hairstyles and fascinator
Purple Bridesmaids hairstyles and fascinator
With veil tucked under
Purple Bridesmaids hairstyles and fascinator
shellbeemarie's Black wedding
Tacoma, WA, USA
First I want to say they are great and you did a fabulous job lovie! I am making mine as well. My sisters(bridesmaids) will be wearing a facinator/viel in black. I can understand how it may be out of some of your girls comfort zone to wear them. However, it is your day. How many weddings over the years have bridesmaids worn awful dresses because they LOVE you. lol. I wonder if you asked them what specifically they don't like, maybe you could tweek your design? Compromise only for ceremony and pictures? All in all it's your day. If they love you they will suck it up. lol Best wishes!
hannikay's Pink wedding
Ballarat, 07, Australia
Brilliant work!! Etsy would love you :P

Shellbeemarie made some good points. I'm sorry your bridesmaids don't like them, but they should be honored to be in your wedding and wear it!

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