Hello everyone. I have been gone for too long. I have had so much going on from me being sick and off of work for 2 months from major surgery, to my daughters being sick, new homeowner problems, school and the list goes on.

I see that you ladies are keeping it moving with planning, as you should. I am needing to get caught up with everyone and also get myself back into the wedding groove. Wish me luck ladies.
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Jan 31, 2010

Hello all. I know its been awhile since I have been on here. I have been going through a lot. I am about to have surgery to hopefully help with my pancreatic problems. I will be going to surgery as of Thur 2/4 and it will take 3 to 4 hrs and be in the hospital for a week and then off of work for 6-8 weeks. Everyone keep me in their prayers. I will try to check in depending on how I feel. Happy planning to everyone.
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Jan 21, 2010

I know it has been awhile since I have been on, but today is my 30th birthday. I feel old. Some of my friends and I are going to St Louis for my bday to party. That is where my fiance is currently at attending school. I will be coming back soon.
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Blue MY 30th BDay
I have been trying to do a monogram. I have had some fellow brides help, but I just haven't found the one. Can someone help me & also tell me what you think of this one. How do I make this bigger?
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My First Attempt Wedding Monogram
Nov 20, 2009

So today prior to going to work I was able to do a 20 min workout. It was different. I am going to start off at least 3 times a week and go from there. I am going to look at a gym that has a daycare, and has different classes since that is the main reason it's hard for me to workout. I am also going to see about a personal training. My job so lovely is paying for the membership. It has something to do with new tax breaks that they get. Wish me luck.
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Nov 17, 2009

Well at my job we were doing a Bigges Loser Competion. I had lost 17 lbs in 12 wks without excersising. Well it has been about another month since it ended and I am at at 25 lbs lost. My goal is another 75 lbs and I am about to add excerise. I just wanted to share that tidbit. msvalencia a fellow wbc bride was my inspiration. I have been needing to lose anyway.
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I don't know why the first post of this got deleted, but here we go again.

How many people are having a buffet vs a plated meal? We are most likely going to do the buffet, but I want to set the place setting at the table. Would this be stupid. I figure the only thing they have to worry about at the line is their plates. What do you think.
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Since I am now looking at another hall I have to either cover up the chairs or rent chairs. I am trying to see which would like better and be cost effect. I ran across this website www.chairgowns.com. I can't believe what I found. It gives you hope. Tell me what you think. Cheap & chessy or chic. Or do I just rent the white chair, which I found at a place for a $1ea and use the rectanglar tables & get table cloths, or rent both chairs and round tables $6.60 ea and get table cloths?? I am at a lost help me.
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Since I was unable to get people to man up to what exactly they were going to contribute I took matters into my own hands. A friend of mine had just gotten married and the place where she got married allows you to bring your own food & alcohol. It is only $450 to rent and come with rectangular table and the ugly folding chairs. They have a kitchen that you can use for $75 and since we are serving alcohol have to pay $50 for one of their staff to be there and $50 for an alcohol & beer permit. The lady recommended a place to me that rented table and chairs. They are so reason able the things look nice. The chairs are $1 ea & the tables are $6.60 ea. These makes me then have to really revamp something’s, but I think that I am on the right path. Maybe staying within $5k-$6k is possible. Which me luck.

Oh and now I got to possible find a church. My church has just gotten a new pastor & he said that he doesn't want any secular music to be played according to my cousin. So even if it is a wedding song by Kelly Price, because its not gospel it can't be played. I told my mom to ask to be sure, if so then I am off to look for a church.
I've been gone due to being sick and then my daughters had "trench mouth". I will be having surgery Mon for my pancreatic issues so keep me in your prayers.
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So when I started this process I told my mother that my fiance and I were trying to stay within a budget the we could afford & the guest list was going to be small. Well she got upset and said that there are certain people for sure that we have to invite. So once I just said ok the most that can fit in the venue is 250 that is the number we are sticking to.

Well fast forward 2 months and it is time to put the deposit down and I trying to make sure she knows what all this will include with this being done...the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. The venue has a selective list of vendors you can use. So will my h2b and I look over the menus we picked our #1 & #2. Then we looked at price. So happen the #1 was the best deal at for 250 people that would $7500.

Now my fiance and I are trying to stay within a budget of $8k no more than $10k. I told my mother this and she had a hot flash, menopause.

She is going to tell me to try another place and I told her that it wasn't going to get any cheaper, due to this being about $20 per person and then the taxes, gratuity and set-up fees.

She had always told me when my big day came that I would be able to have what ever I wanted, but now that it is here she is in shock. I know she has good intentions, but in the end I can see myself getting stressed out on who, i.e me, how am I and my h2b going to pay this large amount.

So I told her that we were going to cut the list. She got mad. I told her until she is able to give me a budget to work with my h2b and I are working with our budget and that is that.

Why am I going to be stressed on a day that is suppose to be the best ever.
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